Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blogging A to Z: Z is for Zachary the Inventor

There was a young man called Zachary
Who invented a very big battery
One day it corroded
Ruptured and exploded
And blew Zachary into lots of tiny tiny pieces

Well I like to experiment with everything on this blog. Poetry is obviously is not my forte. Although perhaps slightly better than my haikus.

Oh well. You can't win 'em all.


  1. Delightful and funny! That's all that matters.
    ~ We made it!!! ~
    Visit me at: Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    I am Ensign B of Tremps' Troops
    with the A to Z Challenge

    1. Thanks for reading, Barbara. Sorry about the late reply. I have been away for a few days and hope to catch up with a few blogs now:)

  2. You got there! Well done. Thanks for leaving me so many comments even at some ungodly hour of the morning. (Or are you somewhere in a different timezone, no wait a minute that's probably just you! lol) It's appreciated.

    1. I was in the UK Wendy - away at a tennis tournament though with my youngest son. The hotel was a dive and very noisy so I tried to to put my sleepless hours to good use! Likewise, thanks for reading and supporting my blog throughout the A to Z. It was fun despite those few anxious time-pressed ones that nearly didn't make it!

  3. I'll take Chinese and an order of Crispy Duck. But then, I seem to be stuck on C and we've passed on to Z and I never even managed to get to your delightful blog. Won't make that mistake again.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Clee. I am afraid I am going to be one of the late readers too! I did all my post on the day (often very late at night!) which didn't leave much time for reading and commentating with all the other stuff I had on in April. I am looking forward to checking some of the other blogs out though. Almost all of the original blogs I read back in 2007/8 have died out so I am really looking forward to finding some new eclectic reads:)

  4. Thanks for dropping by Entrepreneurial Goddess:)


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