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2019 update.

I was clearing down some of my emails this morning while I was looking for a particular email and came across a number of emails dating back to my early blogging days. It brought me back here to my blog and remembering the immense fun I used to have blogging and reading blogs from all around the world. Sadly, most of those blogs have now died out.
After 12 years of blogging, I don't want mine to die out, so here I am with an update. 
In October, my Decree Nisi was passed by the Family Court. It has taken this long as I have had far too many problems and obstacles to overcome - getting divorced was the least of my problems.
For example, since September 2016, I have had 7 jobs. 
Job no 1 (4 months) - Left to join a rival company (Job no 2) for a higher salary. The company sub-contracted me to another. (Job 3)
After 3 months the company, I was originally contracted to (Job 2) went into administration. Several days later, the company I had been subcontracted to offered me employment which …

Poetry Time

If is a crazy word Or an unhealthy turd If only I had done this Or that Thrown away the key And just been me
If only I had said no And fought my foe If only I had done this Or that Instead I stuck it out And now I want to shout
If only I could be free Sing from the tops of trees If only I could do this Or that But the vice is still tight And I'm prepared for a fight
If only women were not subjugated Or flagellated If only they could do this Or that If only women had one voice Then we would rejoice
If is a crazy word As fragile as a baby bird If only I could do this Or that If may define my past But I refuse to be typecast
If is a word of possibilities Freedom from responsibilities If only I could do this Or that And I will Because I shall not standstill

Me and Brexit

So there are enough people coming back here to prompt me to crawl from under my bed to write to a post and thank you all for taking the time to visit my somewhat stagnant blog.

So, I am still alive. I have a slightly bigger arse than I had a year ago due to consumption of Maltesers to relieve stress. However, I have yet to throw myself under a bus or drive into a brick wall ...not that I haven't thought about the enticing prospect of a collision with a brick wall but given the size of my arse I'd probably rebound and just end up wheelchair-bound rather than hanging out with St Peter.

Besides, someone's got to look after the kids, cats and chickens. So I've nominated myself as chief carer, breadwinner, loo cleaner, cook and general dogsbody. Which is not a lot different from what I did before, except from the bread-winning. And I've done a lot of it last year sometimes working 14 hours days with 2 hours of commuting on a zero hours contract. My record is 19 days wor…