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Car Crash Customer Service

The Automobile Ass.

Dear Sirs,

In reference to your recent email stating, "We believe we have resolved this matter for you", my response is "No, you have not." In fact, I have resolved this matter by a) cancelling my insurance policy with you and b) informing your staff that I will never be using the services of the AA again.
In addition, I will also be writing to my MP to advise him of the deeply prejudicial policies victimising those who work in the arts that the AA and its underwriter's support. As an author with an alternative full-time occupation who would have been charged an extra £500 on my policy for having a part-time "risky" profession, I will delight in putting my writing skills to good use whilst I compose my epistle. I will also take pleasure in penning it as I luxuriously sip a glass of champagne and nibble chocolates whilst sitting comfortably at my desk and not, as you seem to think, whilst drunk and careering dangerously around the M25…