Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tomorrow I begin again

So tomorrow is the beginning of the April A to Z challenge. I signed up for it a while ago not knowing whether I would be in the right frame of mind - and I am still not sure if I am or if I will make it to the end like I did last year. However, I am going to give it a bash and we'll see what happens.

The last 16 months of my life have been pretty horrendous. I have had a lot of issues to contend with from just about every quarter. I have, of course, been through many struggles before in my life and those were partially reflected in my novel The Changing Room which, I hope, also showed how I believe trying to adopt a positive mindset helps to overcome many problems.

Of course, that isn't always as easy as it sounds. Especially when you are faced with many hurdles.

However, over the last few weeks, I have been taking stock of the events in my life and I have begun to see them with a new clarity. That clarity means that every day I become stronger and less vulnerable to the emotional effect of these events.

So tomorrow is a new day.  A day when I begin to write again on the A-Z and, finally, continue the sequel to The Changing Room which has been lying dormant in my fiction folder.

So join me tomorrow and let's get silly. Laughter, as I've always said on this blog, is truly the best medicine. And I will be looking to entertain you and me and anyone else who chances by.

On a final note, I have nothing planned for the A to Z so if you want to make a suggestion for any topic just leave a comment. The more outrageous the topic the better!

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