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Music Monday: I Gotta Get a Message to You

It's been a while since I did a Music Monday post but today with the sad news of the death of  Robin Gibb it seemed very fitting.

In the end he just couldn't hold on - but he sure left a wonderful message.

Stop Fecking Swearing!

Bad language catches your attention doesn't it?
Do you think people who swear profusely think it makes them sound more important or cool or contemporary? Or do you think obscenities are so engrained in the modern psyche it’s of no consequence if language is littered with them? Is it considered awesome to swear?
You see, as I've been surfing the net lately I've come across even more bad language than normal and I'm really beginning to find it quite unpleasant. In fact, I have no desire to visit those particular personal websites again. Sure, I can tolerate a few vulgarities and sometimes when they're used cleverly it can be a useful tool for comedic effect or to really hammer a point home - but every other sentence? I just find it fecking tedious. Worse, vulgarities can make you sound like a fecking idiot with a limited fecking vocabulary. Know what I fecking mean? You do? Awesome.
I'll admit that I occasionally swear and even drop the odd clanger here on my blog. …

Too Much Information!

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when someone says something they shouldn't? Or perhaps you've read an article, a Facebook status or seen a picture that you would really rather not see?

Yesterday, that happened to me. I was reading an article on Yahoo which was curiously titled "Japan faces "extinction" in a thousand years."and a very interesting article it was too on the decline of the birthrate in Japan. Well it was - until I got to this sentence:

Unicharm said (on) Friday that sales of its adult diapers had "slightly surpassed" those for babies in the financial year to March, for the first time since the company moved into the seniors market.

UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. That I do NOT need do know! I am trying to stave off old age here! I do not need an image of the entire population of Japan wearing diapers shoved into the forefront of my imagination.

(By the way I had to stick an "on" in that sentence because otherwise that sentence …

A Formal Complaint about Schools

Right, what shall we talk about now that I've got my formal complaint about spots off my face. (See previous post.) I know - let's talk about the massive plank of wood that fell off the school gymnasium wall today and hit Master Ben on the head and knocked him to floor.

So shall I or shan't I ask for a copy of the accident report and the last health and safety check on the school gym equipment?

Hmm. Now let me think - the school have already got it in for Master Ben because I've brought it to their attention that certain members of their staff couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery - let alone mark a book. I may become even more unpopular than I already am but, more importantly, so might Master Ben who is already dispirited by the turn of events of the last year or so.

Hmm... I wonder if Young Master Ben will be sufficiently recovered to make his début for the county cricket team tomorrow as opening bowler. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I might…

A Formal Complaint about Spots

I am forty seven and I still suffer from spots. Please don't leave this page though; I am not that revolting. Just you know - a tiny bit. I haven't got big boils under the armpits or anything like that - and I'm not infectious. Facetious - yes. Infectious - no. Anyway, these accursed spots really annoy me, especially when I look at my friends' faces and I don't ever see them with any spots. Not that I wish spots upon them - but it would make my life more bearable if every now and then one of them got some huge pus infected monster that required a javelin to lance.

Hmm at this point, Dear Readers, as I was writing I Googled "Big Boils" on Google Images and got some fascinating pictures. The ones of actual boils made me want to throw up so I'll spare you that horror - and the rest were really quite bizarre and included: a man holding a fish, a hotpot (stew), the equipment for making home brew, a lemur wearing a bracelet on its head and a picture of Geor…

Guilty Stories, Wonderful Music and Cryptic Clues

I am probably not the only one who felt a little tear sting their eye when the news broke that Robin Gibb was on his deathbed. There probably aren't many of us, young or old, who haven't at some point in our lives enjoyed the wonderful music of the BeeGees. How utterly delightful it is to now know that Robin Gibb has come out of his coma and is speaking to his family again. The BeeGee brothers have been struck by some awful tragedies in their lives - how lovely it would be if Robin and Barry could lightened our lives with a little bit more of their very special brand of music for a few years longer. Poor Robin is facing some serious challenges though with bowel cancer, liver failure and pneumonia. But he's already faced survived against the odds - let's hope he can make the distance.

Anyway, this morning I suppose I was subconsciously thinking about the BeeGees and I came up with a scenario for a short story;

A man walks into a collector's shop wanting to sell his …

The Homeless, Drugs and Mental Illness

I have a new book review up on The View From Here. By début novelist Tyler Stevens,Streetis about the challenging topics of the homeless, mental illness and drug abuse.

Today I took a day off to see a shrink. To tell him my problems. And I went and it was okay, except I knew he was messing with me, and he knew I was messing with him. I told him I felt out of sorts and violent. Tell me about the violent thoughts, he said.

My guess is the book is semi-autobiographical. It's very thought provoking and emotionally quite raw, as is the writing. I actually liked that - such a change from all that ludicrous chick lit and implausible thrillers with plots you need Google Maps to follow. It was very refreshing to read something that sounded both true and honest and where the author clearly had something very important he needed to say.
One British pound is being donated from the sales of Street to the UK charity for the homeless, Shelter.The book is £7.99 on Amazon and only £2.05 on Kindle. At…