Saturday, May 12, 2012

Too Much Information!

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when someone says something they shouldn't? Or perhaps you've read an article, a Facebook status or seen a picture that you would really rather not see?

Yesterday, that happened to me. I was reading an article on Yahoo which was curiously titled "Japan faces "extinction" in a thousand years."  and a very interesting article it was too on the decline of the birthrate in Japan. Well it was - until I got to this sentence:

Unicharm said (on) Friday that sales of its adult diapers had "slightly surpassed" those for babies in the financial year to March, for the first time since the company moved into the seniors market.

UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. That I do NOT need do know! I am trying to stave off old age here! I do not need an image of the entire population of Japan wearing diapers shoved into the forefront of my imagination.

(By the way I had to stick an "on" in that sentence because otherwise that sentence looked really clumsy. I mean what do Yahoo think they are doing with that sloppy grammar? Writing a blog or something? )

So the trouble is -ever since I read that article that image has indeed been at the forefront of my imagination and now I can't get rid of it. I'm actually now thinking of taking up painting again because I think there's a possibility of some big bucks in a surreal interpretation of this image - if I transposed the works of L S Lowry from the North of England to Tokyo and filled it with diaper-wearing workers and I reckon I could make a fast buck.

Oh crikey, I could be going off into one of my Modern Art rants again. Of course, the only difference is that my work which I would entitle Tokyo City 3012 would actually be meaningful whereas we all know that most Modern Art is just some stuff splattered on canvas by some drug crazed, alcohol fuelled, sexually confused nutters. Okay, okay I'll be sensible - not all Modern Artists are like that - just most of them.

L S Lowry's "Huddersfield" courtesy of Wikipedia and currently on display at the Huddersfield Art Gallery, UK.


  1. I have an old school friend who occasionally puts outrageous comments on his Facebook page. It's usually quite late at night, and I think he might be slightly "tired and emotional" when he does this. The last one had something to do with MILF (whatever that might be).
    They're normally gone the next morning; presumably his wife or daughter sees them and beats him around the head....

  2. Now that, Martin, sounds thoroughly absorbing reading! Fill me in on the next Facebook status please:))

    By the way I didn't know what MILF meant either; I was guessing at something to do with Mother in laws so I Google it and it actually means

    Mothers I Love to F***!!!

    I think I prefer my Mother-in-version! Anyway, I deduce that on that particular evening your friend was feeling somewhat sexually frustrated....:))Perhaps it's his way with communicating with the wife - you know one of those couples who communicate by email/FB from across the other side of the room!


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