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Jane Turley was born in the Malverns but spent her childhood in Weston-super-Mare where she spent years gazing out of her Silver Cross Pram. Her excessive exposure to salty air and seagull poop left her deeply traumatized and possessing a bizarre sense of humour. It has been a problem for her (and everyone else) ever since.

Jane’s early ambition was for a life in the theatre but by gross mismanagement on her part she ended up with a history degree. Her special subject at university was the Tudor Navy which still surprises her today as she had no interest whatsoever in boats. However, having heard that Henry VIII was partial to women who could steer well, Jane had plans to command his fleet. Unfortunately, it came as a shock to discover Henry VIII was, in fact, dead. It was even more disappointing to find that Drake was a duck and Raleigh was a bike. Regrettably, Jane realised she should have paid more attention at school. After many careers and children, Jane is now a writer and, one day, she hopes to convince everyone else she is one too.

Additional Information

Jane is qualified as an Adult Literary Support Teacher and holds the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector certificate. She is suitably qualified and experienced to deliver speeches and workshops on writing and self-publishing and has delivered blogging workshops on behalf of The View From here for Luton Central Library.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Brilliant, could identify with all of this! Thank you for making me smile today! " Nikki, on the BBC column Mum’s the Word.

"In truth, this is indeed, quite the most entertaining football report for young masters we have had the pleasure to receive! With much gratitude, we hope to receive further correspondence from you very soon." BBC Beds, Bucks and Herts on the football report Pride and Prejudice in the Southcott Ranks... a tale of chastity, fortitude and great housekeeping skills.

“Wry and self-deprecating ....verging on verbal slapstick at times... packed with sustained intelligent humor and certainly funnier than most ....” Comment on the nomination of The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife in the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Humor Blog, Best Blog of All Time and Best Blog about Stuff.

"Readwave are enormously pleased to publish Jane Turley's chilling but poignant story The Princess and the Thief, and we're even more delighted to bring this story across the world through our Worldreader programme." Rob Tucker, Readwave.

"Concrete but mysterious, "No Returns" reads more like a prose poem, full of exquisite turns of phrase such as the deep purple essence dilutes to shadows of lilac bindweed, warm, inviting. This is a desperate woman's life in miniature, full of sexually poignant poetry and glimpse of everyday strangeness. A worthy winner." Ray Robinson, author of Electricity and Forgetting Zoe.

"This book is by far one of the funniest I have ever read." Amazon review of The Changing Room.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely author event you did for us on February 20th. It was well put together and very interesting. You certainly kept the audience enthralled with your experiences of self-publishing."

Jane Gill, Promotion and Programming Service Development Officer
Central Bedfordshire Libraries

"I just loved this book so much. Could not put it down once I started and definitely couldn't drink anything while reading it or I would have sprayed it all over my Kindle. I can't wait to read more from Jane Turley, a truly great author. My son and husband both just look at me strangely while reading cause I would just burst out laughing or tear up one minute or another. Very very good book." Amazon review of The Changing Room.


Author interview on Bookaholic confessions
Ten (Non-Essential) Tips for Writers on Whitefox's publishing blog.
Interview on Shaz's Book Blog Sept 2015
Gransnet: The Problem with Plumbers Oct 2015
Review and article Thoughts on Book Clubs and Women's Fiction on Random Things Through My Letterbox Oct 2015.

BBC Mum's the Word Column, a humorous look at the life of a middle-aged mum.

The Therapy Blues (October 2009)
Easter Bunny Blues (April 2009)
Pirates and Pancakes (February 2009)
Autumnal Snuffles (October 2008)
Life begins at ? (September 2008)

BBC Comedy Football Reportsfeaturing ace footballer Master Benedict Turley and team mates.

It's a Difficult Life being a Football Coach - but you're Hired!  in the style of The Apprentice (April 2008)
The Famous Five and Friends Go Footballing, in the style of Enid Blyton (March 2008)
Much Ado about Football in the style of William Shakespeare (March 2008)
Soccer Warsin the style of Star Wars (February 2008)
A Dickens of a Story, a tale of Two Teams, in the style of Charles Dickens (February 2008)
Pride and Prejudice in the Southcott Ranks, in the style of Jane Austen (January 2008)
Jack Frost calls the Shots (November 2007)
Southcott's Super Striker (November 2007)

Contributions to the View From Here Literary Magazine

Article: The Long Goodbye, extended article on Madame Bovary in subscription copy of The View From Here
Interview with Man Booker nominee, Damon Galgut, in subscription copy of The View From Here
Article: Reading Underground, (academic study in male reading habits and the decline of literacy skills) first published in subscription copy of The View From Here but can now be read HERE free of charge
Article: A Canter around The Cheltenham Literary Festivalfirst published in subscription copy of The View From Here but can be read HERE free of charge. 
Article and book review: The Thousand Autumns of David Mitchell, featuring reviews of Cloud Atlas and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
Interview with John Dickinson, author of WEThe Cup of The World and The Lightstep
Article: Science Fiction The Final Frontier including a book review of The Turing Test by Chris Beckett

Reviews of the Changing Room

On NetGalley  review service for publishers
On Goodreads
Lancaster Evening Post/St Helen's The Reporter/Blackpool Gazette/Yorkshire Evening post
On Blogs
Damian Trasler's Secret Blog
Brian Parkin's Blog
Eve Proofreads
Debbie Krenzer
Annie's Book Corner  (21/9/15)
Bookaholic Confessions

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