Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Homeless, Drugs and Mental Illness

I have a new book review up on The View From Here. By d├ębut novelist Tyler Stevens, Street is about the challenging topics of the homeless, mental illness and drug abuse.

Today I took a day off to see a shrink. To tell him my problems. And I went and it was okay, except I knew he was messing with me, and he knew I was messing with him. I told him I felt out of sorts and violent. Tell me about the violent thoughts, he said.

My guess is the book is semi-autobiographical. It's very thought provoking and emotionally quite raw, as is the writing. I actually liked that - such a change from all that ludicrous chick lit and implausible thrillers with plots you need Google Maps to follow. It was very refreshing to read something that sounded both true and honest and where the author clearly had something very important he needed to say.

One British pound is being donated from the sales of Street to the UK charity for the homeless, Shelter. The book is £7.99 on Amazon and only £2.05 on Kindle. At £2.05 that's less than the price of your next cup of coffee and Costas or Starbucks. So how about giving it a shot? 

You can check out my full review of Street here.

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