Because of My Deep Affection for Tom Cruise

I know I mention Tom Cruise too often. I'm sorry, I can't help it. He's just so small he's gotten under my skin. Anyway, it's wet and rainy, cricket is rained off, tennis is rained off and I feel a little unwell. Therefore, there is nothing else to do but cheer myself up as best possible.

So I have designed a special suit for Tom to wear in the next Mission Impossible film which I believe will be call Mission Impossible: Rabbit Warren.  I love this suit and I think Tom will too - and since I only had to buy size 13-14 years which was a snip at £98.00 I may even order a second suit just in case his ears get caught in a trap.


  1. Mrs G - I know - but only 3 years older than me though!

    The trouble is he is perfect comic fodder:))

  2. Martin - Yes! You got it in one! I am not used to having the weekend off from sports....

  3. What a cute outfit for a tiny fella! Maybe each ear could be a different colour too:-)

  4. Yes -multi coloured ears did cross my mind, Sue. But to be honest I just got too lazy:)

    No surprise there perhaps. Still it was more fun than doing the washing up....:)

  5. Gosh, what a perfect gift for someone....small! Mr C looks far taller in the movies..are you sure he's one of the little people? There's something about height that really turns me off...I couldn't bear kissing someone who only reached my navel!

  6. Hee, hee, hee Mummyattheschoolgate, I think that's what makes TC so funny. He's 5ft 7in which is not that small really - it's just that he tries to make himself look taller that is so funny - I laughed my socks off when I heard he's to play Jack Reacher (from the Lee Child novels) who is supposed to be 6ft 5 inches!!!

  7. Tom is a teeny weeny bit......sinister. Have you ever noticed that, Jane?

    Anna May x

  8. Hi Anna:) You know - I don't think I have! I've only seen him being interviewed a couple of times and well he seemed to be pretty normal! That said, I do have a slight inclination to be suspicious of anyone who is fanatical about (any) religion...Of course he may not actually be "fanatical" about it but I am not quite sure I how feel about some of the "new" religions...

    Hmm..this is far too serious for 7am! So... Have you read the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey yet?! I'm thinking of writing a review of it. It's a classic comedy masterpiece!- I think you'll love it!(Like me - for all the wrong reasons!)

  9. That's very funny! I love your bizarre sense of humour there. And thanks for your fabulous review of my book on Amazon. Much, much appreciated.

  10. Thanks, Fran. I really enjoyed your novel - looking forward to reading your next offering:)


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