Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are we having we a fuel crisis or not?

Look, if the sodding fuel truckers are going strike - will they just do it or forget it! The whole issue of whether we are or are not going to have a fuel strike is driving me bananas.

So last week I had to fill up - as I usually do when the tank is nearly on empty. I was lucky there was still some fuel available but I suppose that were some people who needed it who didn't get any. Why do people with G reg Ford Cortinas, usually about ninety years old, an excess of shopping bags and who haven't come out of their house for twenty years make a special trip to the petrol station to drain every last drop of fuel so people who actually need it can't get it? This also happens when there is any other kind of shortage too. Okay, okay I know the answer really - it's because they are panic buyers. And they drive me stark raving mad! So can I say just for my own pleasure and for no other reason than that I want to let off steam;

It's a fuel shortage you nutters - not the end of the world!

Hmm..I feel better now.

So a story - On Saturday I travelled down to sunny Luton for tennis where I met another (older) tennis parent who was going on about the fuel crisis. To which he informed me with delight;

"I've just remembered I've got a large container of fuel somewhere in my outside shed from the last fuel crisis, ten years ago. Do you remember that one?"

Well there is your answer to the fuel crisis. Stupid people stocking up on stuff they really don't need. And I do remember the last crisis as I was pregnant at the time and one day when I was filling up I expressed concern to the petrol attendant about not being able to get the hospital in an emergency (which bearing in mind I'd already two premature babies was a real possibility.) Anyway, the lady very kindly replied that if I was in dire need of petrol I could pop in and they would always top up a few pounds worth as they kept some fuel back in reserve for emergencies. Now that's what I call sensible.

Anyway, this fella didn't have just one of those little petrol cans in his shed but some great big huge container - I don't know maybe he had a fleet of tractors at the time - but  how the hell he'd forgotten that for ten years I don't know but I wanted to knock him on the head with it. That's the polite version anyway.

Hmm...this post was supposed to be about my Midget Gem research but then as I sat down to write I remembered I am off travelling with the boys today to a tennis tournament and it would really really help with the current fuel crisis if I don't end up going the wrong way round on the M25 like yesterday. I swear to God there's a gremlin in that Sat Nav. Two weeks ago I wanted to go Croyden when the bloody thing took me through central London - yep that's right - Marble Arch, Park Lane, the lot. Master Jacob was fascinated though and at one point he even cried out; "Mummy there's a white person!" That's true Readers, absolutely true. Kids are just great though aren't they? Poor Master Jacob is still trying to figure out why Michael Jackson wanted to be white as according to him " Black people are way more cool and dance so well. And he had amazing hair!"

You know folks, it's times like that I know I've done well with my boys.

Fingers crossed for me on the M25 again today please.

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