Monday, April 27, 2015

Blogging A to Z: W is for W Words That Really Annoy Me


Whenever I hear the word "wizard" my brain goes numb. But if I hear it in combination with any of the following words: "Harry Potter," "Hermoine," Ron Weasley and "Dumbledore" I pray for spontaneous combustion. If I never see or hear the word "wizard" again it will be too soon.

Weight Watchers

Ugh. For obvious reasons.


A word which strikes terror in every living women.


Warhammer is a war game played with model soldiers that cost an absolute fortune and is mind-numbingly boring on a par with Monopoly (see my "M" post.) The manufacturers of Warhammer also have the audacity to sell the soldiers unfinished which means long-suffering parents of Warhammer addicts have to spend hours gluing the ruddy pieces together or sponging paint off the furniture.

Dire Avenger Shrine Web Bundle
Warhammer - the game every parent loves to hate.


No particular reason. *cough, cough*


I dislike them on men. I dislike them even more on myself. When people mistake you for Popeye it can be very dispiriting.


A word that has unpleasant connotations and is often used in conjunction with descriptions of my derriere.


A word that you increasingly grow to despise as you get older as it crops up in lots of forms and precedes lots of words. For example: weak spot, weak knees, weak heart, weak eyesight and worst of all - weak bladder.


A deeply unsatisfying word. Not one I like to use often.


Because you know that as soon as anyone says "Wittgenstein" they are going to be the most boring dinner guest ever.


A word that has too many associations with small children, earache and painful car journeys.


A word which I closely associate with British Telecommunications (BT) and which has the ability to cause week-long migraines and suicidal thoughts.


A legitimate word but unfortunately, if it is interpreted wrongly, can land you in serious trouble.


A word that grows on you but not in a good way.

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  1. Love this list. My middle child was the "Why?" child. I would always try and answer his questions sensibly but he would always question my answer and the next and so on and it became a battle of wills as to who would give in first - I was always determined never to say "Because I &*&&^%% SAID SO!

    1. I'm so glad those years of torture are over, Wendy. The day my boys finally got phones/ipad (and I held out for a long time) was a mixed blessing - I liked the interaction but on the other hand it was quite nice to say "Just Google it."


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