Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Music Tuesday; An Irish Rollercoaster

I'm a bit late on my music Monday post because I'm part Irish and I thought it was Monday today when it is in fact Tuesday, March 17th, St Patrick's Day!

Of course my surname, Turley, which I acquired from the good Mr T is Irish. However, my maiden name is perhaps even more commonly known as Irish. Have a guess! Here's a clue; pick a fight with a Jack and then make peace with him and you'll get the answer. A prize of a Mrs T culinary delight, personally cooked, for the first person to guess correctly. Or if that is unappealing (though I'm sure all would be delighted at the thought of such a scrumptious meal) I will write a post on any subject matter of your choice! Wow, that's got to be a quality prize!

Well, since it's St Patrick's Day I feel we should have something with an Irish flavour so I've opted for the lovely Ronan Keating and Life is a Rollercoaster. Of course, Irish history has been a rollercoaster for centuaries but since the ceasefire and devolution life has changed so much for the better both in Ireland and England. I lived and worked in London when the IRA were active and it wasn't pleasant to live under the constant threat of terrorism. I know too that my parents, as well known Catholics in our area (living in England), contemplated changing over family surname back in the 1970s when The Troubles were rife. I'm glad that they didn't though because I am as proud of my Irish inheritance as I am of my English, Welsh and Scottish inheritance. I consider myself truly "British" and to that extent I have never understood the extreme passions of a few when so much of histories are inextricably entwined. I believe it is better to live for the future and not for the past.

In Ireland last summer, I saw for myself how much investment and optimism is changing Ireland for the better; there are new buildings, roads and the hospitality is welcoming. I only hope that the 3 brutal murders in Ireland last week which have been universally condemned will not halt the progress of peace. No one with a heart wants to live under the threat of renewed terrorism, especially in this era of more challenging global concerns. There is only one way forward and that is the road of peace, prosperity and harmony - where the only screams we hear are the ones of a theme park rollercoaster and not the rollercoaster of emotions resulting from shattered lives and broken promises.

I'm not quite sure from whom I inherited my sense of humor but one night when I was little I woke up and saw a little leprechaun sitting on the end of my bed. I pulled up my bed clothes and peered over the top at this curious creature with pointed ears, nose and a silly green hat and as he spoke my tongue began to feel distinctly strange and words began to bubble in my throat..

" My Dear Miss Jane...me boss Mister Patrick has sent me over 'ere on a very special mission. Now if you could just kiss this stone all will be revealed......."

And so began my life of blathering idiocy.

And the only reason I never found the Blarney stone last summer was because it's propping open my kitchen door.......

Coming next; Chocolate Wars; Mrs T Strikes Back.

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  1. The function of musicic is to release us from the thyrany of our conscious thoughts

  2. The cryptic clue flawed me, so I tried cheating and looking through your Irish posts for a reference, but no, you've covered your tracks too well. A fight with Jack must be a contemporary UK reference?

  3. Thanks for you comment Mariana. I guess music is many things to many people - maybe that's why it has so much universal appeal. Thanks for stopping by!


    Ah ha! Trying to get a clue out of me eh? No, the fight with a Jack is not a contemprary reference - it's actually an early 20th centuary reference! There is another clue but you would have to be very familar with 1980's televison.....

  4. Txs a lot Jane. Glad you liked it. here is another idea I read, "Music (not vocal) is a primitive form of communication which did not fully developed", If you like this kind of thoughts you are welcome to check singyourownlullaby.blogspot.com and read the post you think you are intrested in. Of course feel free to coment about them.

  5. Your maiden name is Duckworth-Sorry-Mate-My-Fault?

    Or NicholsonMyMistakeShakeonit?

    Or BackinyourBoxJackOhOKIdidn't meanit?

    Am baffled and speak as one who does cryptic crosswords...

  6. Mariana - that statement sounds like it has a lot of truth in it. I'll drop by and take a look. Thanks!

    Miss Hyde,

    Excellent attempts Miss Hyde but before you get there it's not Rumpelstiltskin either!

    Hmm... I really didn't think it was that hard! But then it is my surname so obviously the connection seems a lot easier.
    Think names and then it will come to you! Or google 1980's TV shows and you may stumble across it!

  7. Dempsey

    What's my prize?

  8. Oh well done Miss Hyde!

    Now it wasn't particularly difficult was it?

    Okay - do you want to come to dinner or pick a subject matter for a post??

    Btw I am surpried you got it before PB after all Jack Dempsey is more his era......

    Every person I've met over 70 thinks I'm related to Jack Dempsey - I guess it's a senility thing.....

  9. Hmmm - will it be the fish pie?

    In which case I would like to commission a blog about grout.

  10. Grout?? Hmm... I thought you'd go for the facial hair. But no... that would have been far too easy given my experience in that area...

    Grout it is then Miss Hyde and I might even throw in some gout for good measure!

  11. Ouch! I nearly fell off my zimmer frame... until I realised I was already lying on the floor.

  12. Damn those fluffy slippers PB.... How's a man supposed to walk tall wearing those furry things....

  13. Music Tuesday??? You could have something there. But tell me - Do you really want an Irish pop tart for Mother's Day? Cute song, nice video! :)

  14. Well...I've been kinda busy lately Mr I - hence the lack of posts. But hey, I wouldn't say no to a slice of an Irish pop tart although I'd probably prefer a more mature yankie cowboy!

    It's them boots and hats that do it....


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