Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fed Up.

Yep, I'm fed up.

There are some pretty odd people out there in this world and in the last few days I've found my blog title unsubtly cribbed, a blog titled and devoted to me ( although fortunately no posts, because heaven knows what exactly the author was anticipating) and lastly one of my posts copied and stuck on an offensive soft porn site.

Here are the links to the two posts;



I guess if you put yourself in the public domain you can expect feedback which might be even in a negative fashion. I've no real problem with that although it is one of the reasons I steer away from controversial subjects like religion and politics as I had no wish for my site to go down that avenue. However, in both these cases I think the authors have overstepped the mark of good taste.

I am constantly hearing that blogging isn't "The Real World." Many people, including myself, use that term lightly but unfortunately there are others use it to abdicate responsibility for their words and actions. They forget that the people who write blogs are in fact "real" people with families and feelings.

I'm probably being oversensitive to the matter but sometimes I just wonder how if some people cannot put themselves into the shoes of others how we will ever survive as the human race. Maybe we won't. Maybe next time the Arc won't be big enough. Or maybe we will just fight over it and sink the bloody thing.


  1. oh gosh (keeping it polite here)Jane, both those blogs are totally weird!!!!! Makes you want to keep your blog private doesn't it? One of the blogs sounds computer-generated if you ask me.

  2. Yep, I think "weird" is a fairly accurate description Sue!

    Well there have been times when I've considered making my blog private - and maybe that time will come if this sort of rubbish continues - However, as on the whole, my blogging experience has been positive I'm going to continue with it for the moment. I've enjoyed meeting people and having a whole new world opened to me, as well as exploring my creativity with a receptive audience and to privatise my blog or delete it would be a self defeating action at this point.

    I am yet undecided what to do about the second blog. However, there is the option of issuing copyright and defamation of character actions via Blogger. A tedious proceedure but one which I may yet pursue.

  3. Interesting development Jane. How did you discover that you'd been compromised? Seems a similar thing happened over at Pentad several months ago. Someone was stealing her posts. I guess it's a compliment when someone thinks your work is good enough to copy and steal. But I know it's no fun being exploited. I clicked on the links out of curiosity but now I wish I hadn't. I feel like I've rewarded them for improperly using your material. So much to think about..... Let us know how this all works out.

  4. Sorry to hear about the second blog copying your post and attaching to a softcore sight.

    In all seriousness, here is a few suggestions (having experienced this kind of schtuff in the chat rooms, I got someone dead to rights for copyright infringement if I ever decide to up the ante): e-mail yourself a copy of the link, if possible, and print it out. If not possible to e-mail, print out the page.

    The go after them anyway you can, including using Blogger and talking to a lawyer if need be.

    As for people saying "blogging ain't the real world", I say that they're full of it. They want non-real world stuff, they should hit the chat rooms. They want real world stuff, blogging is the place to be.

  5. A strange world we live in and some sad people out there.

    I guess if they are the type of people to do that they won't back down without legal action, so it might be worth dusting down and just ignoring them.

  6. Eeeww! Weird. Haven't looked at the videos on the second one but the gibberish reminds me of the Dragon. The first? Take it as a compliment? Do we even want to dignify this sort of rubbish with a response?

    I love reading your blogs and hope this doesn't put you off.

  7. *sigh*. It is so tiring and ridiculous. Regarding that first link, I just had a similar thing happen to me as well. No fun seeing others dealing with it as well.

  8. Mr I,

    Yes, I remember Tamera's experience which she brought to a successful conclusion. I'm not sure if I'm going to have the same luck though as the first author seems unwillingly to enter into conversation, so I don't see what there is that I can do as nothing has been done (as yet) that is in breach of Blogger service terms. It looks like it will die a natural death though.

    As for the second post I am as yet undecided - although I am leaning towards giving the author a sharp kick in the pants! Looks like he could use it!

  9. G,

    Good advice G; I'll copy them whilst I think about what I'm going to do. In the case of the second blog - I am less concerned about my copyright as it has been so poorly translated as to make it almost unreadable but I am annoyed that they've left my name and copyright claim on it. Pathetic really.

  10. Mike,

    You could be right Mike; I guess I'll just see what develops in the next week.

    Mrs B,

    I was annoyed/put out Mrs B for a while. I guess I'm carrying on blogging for the moment anyway. It's nice to have a forum for expression; it's just a shame some people don't know the boundaries.

  11. Tami,

    Yes, you are spot on - tiring - and tedious. Things like that are just like a large irritating wart!

  12. There seem to be a whole army of people who seem bent on taking the joy out of every fun thing - I think you should not let them get away lightly. At least register your protest Jane.

  13. Yes, you're right Usha. It's hard to understand what goes on inside these people's heads when they feel the need to involve others without their consent in such dubious activities.


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