Sunday, March 8, 2009

Music Mondays; A fishy tune!

I recently wrote a short murderous tale entitled The fisherman, his rod, his wife and her sandwich which you can find at The View From Here. Whilst putting pen to paper I was reminded of the classic song Gone Fishing by the legendary Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong. The song has such a lazy relaxing feel that is just glorious - perfect for a day out by the river! That easy listening sound that was the signature style of both Bing and Louis and has proved timeless. You just can't beat the old guys!

Relax and enjoy!

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  1. A great song by two timeless artists. Thanks for putting me in a lazy mood. Too bad I've got too much to do this week. Yuck! See ya....

  2. Fantastic Mrs. T !!!!!!!!!!!

    I am singing along ...
    Nice new link bar on the header I see too - cool :-)

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Two great guys!

  4. Lovely song -- should hang this on my blog whenever I feel like disappearing for a while. And a lovely story too. I enjoyed it, especially the development of the two characters and the twist at the end. Thanks.

  5. Whhhhhhatttt?? You are working Mr I??? Come now you jest Sir! I thought it was just a long round of golf, films, cookies and & M&Ms... Hmm I will have to reassess my opinion of you....

    (Hmm....he works... Macdonalds? Noooo... Air steward? Hmmm Maybe.....Waiter? Hmmmm.. me thinks.... Yes!)

    Okay, okay ****** Extordinaire.....

    (Oh that's a "B" not a "W")

  6. Well thank you Speedy! it's a great song; I just love the old stuff.

    Yeah, lots of changes going on at Mrs T site - Don't forget to check out my new Dear Mrs T page sometime. I think it'll be just up your street!

  7. Thankyou Sue, it's great isn't it?

    And I'll be answering your question soon!


    Yeah, it would be a perfect song for taking a blogging break! Why hasn't someone thought of that for those emails you occasionally pick up reading "out of office.."

    Glad you like the story - it was the result of my writing challenge with Gary. It took about 4 hours to write the basic and then a bit extra after the challenge was over to refine it. I'm pleased with it - I started with no ideas in my head at all and as soon as I started typing it just arrived. Lots of fun and very satisfying!

  8. Found your site through Mister linky, have a great weekend !!!


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