Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Master Sy!

Yes, today it is the birthday of my blog buddy Master Sy of the incredibly funny The Wheel is Turning but the Hamster is Dead. So birthday greetings to the Young Master of Comedy! Long may he continue pleasing the multitudes and dining out on greasy hamburgers at that odious work canteen he frequents!

But you know I can't believe Sy is only 34 today because with the amount of sexual problems he encounters over at his blog I thought he was at least 90. Well either that or something got trapped in a door when he was a very small boy. Hell, who knows but all that gibberish he writes sure makes me laugh!

Well seeing that it's his birthday I thought I might play one of his favourite tunes. He's rather fond of Megadeth. Unfortunately, out of principle I won't play such horrendous stuff on my site. So tough luck Sy. Hmm... what about a bit of cute Kylie or sexy Christina or maybe the lovely Girls Aloud or even the latest hot totties The Saturdays?? Hmm... no better not.... Sy might experience more of those awful problems.....

Okay, so here's something else which I though was kinda nice. So here it is, especially for Sy from Mrs T (even though he''ll hate it) But hey, it's the thought that counts!


  1. Why Mrs T. How thoughtful. Although I must admit I find tthe Saturdays are highly overrated...but then, who the hell am I to be picky!!

    I will send you some Megadeth in the post to keep you going!!

  2. Ah yes Master Sy. I look forward to receving the delightful Megadeth (cough, cough)........

  3. Hi Jane

    Aren't you celebrating too? Or have I got the wrong day?

    Don't be shy - all three of us will be in the same boat by next Wednesday. Unfortunate I know but we can't stop the wheels of time and time is not on my side at the moment. With myself and my colleagues now under threat of redundancy, facing another birthday will be the least of my worries.

    Hope Mr T will be treating you to something nice this week!

  4. Nah, not me Miss L. I haven't had a birthday since 1984!

    Hmm..that's new about the redundancy eh? Never mind, with what happened in the office recently I don't think they'd risk making you redundant - it might look like sexual discrimination.Mind you they're pretty daft aren't they?

    Fingers crossed anyway!

  5. Maybe you'll delete this comment!

    And that's not for Sy... :)

  6. Thanks Mr I! I'll let that one pass under the radar...


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