Monday, March 2, 2009

Music Mondays; Erase your Imagination!

The Eighties were great weren't they? Not only was the music diverse but it was matched by some equally diverse fashion. When we look back we tend to think of this of the era of New Romantics but there was so much more! The dress sense of the big time New Romantic bands like Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran looked positively tame in comparison to some artists. Even the pantomime antics of Adam Ant and Boy George looked dull compared to The Big Two.

Hmm... so if The Big Two are not Boy George and Adam Ant who am I talking about??

Remember electronic pop? Then how could you forget the totally outrageous Andy Bell of Erasure? Let's have a look at him in one of his relatively tame outfits! Take a deep breath boys!

Hmmm.... Groovy!

But what about that other God of sexy stage fashion? Who can I mean? Why none other than Leee John. Yes, this man oozed pure sex with his slinky tights and glittering sequins; he was the King of Eighties soul! His costumes, sometimes with bulging codpieces, and his wild sexy dancing had the phone lines ringing with complaints at the BBC! Let's see him in action using his Imagination....

If you want a laugh check out some of Andy and Leee's other costumes!

See you next week when I've stopped laughing!

Ps... This post is dedicated to my blog buddy Intrepid who I believe (cough, cough)always dresses conservatively.......

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  1. Seems I'm a little late to the party and severely under dressed. AGAIN! You're right, I'm a bit on the conservative side in terms of dress. I have my momemts - But when I step over the line - it's got to look good! Thanks for the dedication. I'm headed to a Disco party later in the month so I'm looking for some good ideas for outfits. These were pretty good. Not quite Disco, more 80's pop but who knows? Maybe I'll just go with the John Travolta style white suit..... Nice picks for M.M.

  2. Eighties music rocked. Rock-pop fashion, on the other hand, was... uh... different... in that Oh-Dear-God kind of way.

  3. It seems that I either (a) somehow sidestepped the Eighties; (b) was tuned into a different TV channel (possibly one on Planet Zircon); (c) was so traumatised by Andy Bell and Leeeee John that I've repressed these memories completely.

    Nice one, Mrs T.

  4. Mr I,

    Hmmm... John Travolta style? Okay, you need to start practising the swanky walk and working out your butt - otherwise you could go down like a tonne of bricks! Personally, I can see you in those knee high boots!

  5. Laura,

    You are spot on! That "Oh Dear God kind of way" is a superb description! There was just so much great music in the 80s - some of it was even memorable!


    Uh huh - what were you doing? Reading? No? Well to be honest any normal chap would be traumatised by either Andy or Leee's outfits - I found one of Andy wearing a blue sequinned cowboy outfit (with hat) aka Tammy Wynette and singing Stand By Your Man. To quote Laura "Oh Dear God!"


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