Monday, December 1, 2008

Dancing with insomnia

Now rumour has it Craig David wrote his latest song Insomnia for me. It's a groovy little number currently getting a lot of airplay in the UK and if I get bored in the night surfing the net or writing I can always have a little jiggle along to it.

By the way I should say out that hot pants like the leading lady is wearing in the video should not be allowed. Obscene! Older gals like me just want to sing along not be shamed into getting out the cellulite scrub.

Yeah, okay Craig didn't write the song for me but a girl can dream can't she?! Oh wait...dreaming is what you do when you sleep..... damn...fooled again.....

Copyright Jane Turley 2008


  1. I just cannot say how much I am not clicking a link to listen to Craig David. I have morales you know Mrs T. OK granted there are not many...but Craiiiiig Daaaaaavid? It gives me insomnia just thinking about it. Now. You go post some maypole dancing classics and I will be on that thing quicker than you can say "hcasmmronmvsrjvnsrjnvsjrvunsniusnvrsnruv\svrppvtrniudsrnrunvsyisgreat"

  2. Hi there,
    I hope you soon conquer your insomnia and become a dream girl every night of the week. Thanks for the music. :)

  3. Master Sy,

    I always knew you were in touch with your inner soul..hence the fetish for classic maypole tunes.

    Now I especially mentioned the word "hot pants" to set that naughty Master Sy mind working...are you telling me it did not succeed?!You were not even tempted to take a little teeney look? Hmm... Has Mrs T lost her touch? No, no it cannot be true...perhaps Master Sy has gone celebate...


    I've had insomnia for a long time;an overactive mind and an overactive imagination I guess - which probably accounts for some of my rather strange musings!

    Oh to be a dream girl; especially one with a small butt!

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Oh yes Master Sy..don't think I didn't spot that "Sy is great" bit!

    Egomaniac! Didn't fit on the screen though - that'll teach you to show off!

  5. I haven't suffered 'insomnia proper' for a long time now... altho there's been plenty of random sleepless nights in my time...

    But I'll never forget my first bout, where I'd try anything and everything to get to sleep with no avail... they say the more effort you put in the worse it gets!

    And then, I'll always remember reading an entire book one night because I couldn't sleep. I couldn't enjoy reading it so much because I really wanted the sleep.

    Weird how these things just come and go...

  6. Celebate? Is that where you use a celery to...well...I am so upset that my long comment didn't fit the screen!!

  7. The eternal irony huh? Insomnia??? I've got the cure. Ask me about it sometime. Have you seen the movie "Into the Night?"

  8. Welcome Svasti to my blog.I'm glad to hear your days of insomnia are over because I know how exhausting sleep deprivation can be.

    Yep, I've given up worrying about it. I've had it so long that I don't think I'll ever find a permanent remedy. I've found that as so long as I have four consecutive hours I can function pretty well.

    And do you know what? I rather like the peace and quiet of the night.. no voices or telephone calls. Just peace and quiet.

    Master Sy,

    Poor, poor Master Sy were you very upset? Did little tears roll down those chubby cheeks?

    Mrs T is worried about the 5th. Is she says "Sy is Great" a thousand times over will Master Sy reconsider?? What about if Mrs T wrote a whole post in your honour?

    Mr I,

    I haven't seen Into the Night. Hmm.. not sure how I missed that one as it sounds right up my street and I quite like Jeff Goldblum...

    So the cure for my insomnia is to go on a wild adventure involving stolen gems and hitch up with a geeky scientist? Hmm... that sounds like fun! I'm a little worried the scientist turns into a fly though....

  9. Oh Mrs T - As they say, all good things. It shall be MY day of reckoning!


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