Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad day, bad week

It's been a pretty tough week. Early on, I made a trip back to Weston to sort some of my mother's possessions and then on the way home I made a detour to clear my parent's grave and plant a small shrub. They were sad, depressing tasks and I felt a little forlorn at the graveside, alone, on bleak winter's afternoon.

And then... just when I needed to cheer myself up, my broadband packed up for nearly three days, my tooth broke and I spent 3 hours in casualty with Master Jacob who had a possible fractured wrist. Chuck in a few burnt teas, a teenage son and not winning The National Lottery AGAIN and you have one well stressed out woman.

However, the good news is;

I didn't crash into any other car! Hurrah!

However, Master Benedict's Tonka Toy collection is now looking a bit worse for wear. And as for Master Jacob's Action Man - he gets up to some right mischief.

(Especially when Barbie is around.)

Okay, let's talk about the other good things that happened!

1) I wrote my next article for the BBC entitled "Tidings of Comfort and Joy." I hope you can find time to read it because it's mostly about school plays which if you're a parent you'll probably know just what I'm talking about! And just to keep you guessing... The Day of Reckoning has arrived and I will be blogging about this important topic shortly.

2)The Book Club ladies met to discuss The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore.
( Ho, ho, ho. )You know what's coming later in the week don't you? Oh yes, and a review of Fat Tuesday by Gary Davison. (Hee, hee, hee.)

3) Some of blogging friends kept me laughing. Especially Master Sy with this post here and Mr Intrepid with this post here.

4) Master Jacob's wrist was not fractured!

5)I prepared pork stew for tonight's tea and left Mr T in charge of it whilst it simmered gently away awaiting my return from tennis with Master Benedict.

And Mr T burnt it.

Oh, sweet vengeance...............................

Okay let's finish with a sing song. The song below is called "Bad Day" and is sung by the up and coming Daniel Powter. It's a snappy little tune from about 2 years ago which always gets me singing along. And you know what? Even though I've had a few bad days this week, I've still found time for a few smiles too.

Roll on next week.....

Copyright Jane Turley 2008


  1. Nice.

    Sounds like you need to decompress a little.

    Found yours through Sy's.

  2. Pork stew,eh? I'm hungover to death today and could just polish that off. Never mind I'll have to make do with sweet and sour chiken from the chinese, a twirl, flake, starbar, table leg...

  3. I've taken a trip to the BBC to read your articles, and really enjoyed them, Jane. Keep up the good work! I guess some bad days will come and go for awhile...a big hug to you each one in coming. :o)

  4. Hi Georgie B,

    Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my blog. Sorry it's a little depressing of late but I'm going to try and spur myself on into my usual silliness this week. I can always pop over to Sy's for some inspiration can't I?!

    I'm trying that decompression thing at this very moment..Red wine and chocolate! (It's working.)

  5. You know Gary, when I reread my blog I wished I'd put "casserole" instead of "stew". It sounds a little more up-market!

    So you've had a little too much to drink eh? I shall have to pop over to your blog and see what was the cause of this merriment...perhaps a book signing where you're mother AND your aunt turned up??!!

    (Oo..that was naughty!!)

    Now take it from me... The Sweet and Sour Chicken and tasty choccy treats are definately better than my pork stew; burnt or not burnt! Forget the table leg though; I tried that this week and lost a tooth.....I must remember to buy 500g bars......

  6. Tamera,

    Thanks for reading my articles and I'm really pleased you enjoyed them. I am very lucky that the BBC has given me a chance to write for them. The last article was particularly hard though because I wanted to keep the humorous vein.. but then not to mention the events in my life over the last few weeks would have felt completely wrong...and trite... if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the hugs...that means a lot to me... It's not been an easy few weeks but I'm going to keep on trying to put my best foot forward...

  7. ok's the bad day story

    from my end..My partner's relatives were on the way to visit an ailing cousin in hospital..on the way they hit a deer with auto..
    It was a new Volvo and it sustained 7000.00 us dollars in damage.That night, husband returning from work hits...a deer.
    Totals out the second hand serious injuries but no more transportation.
    We move to the next day ...husband on way to work in 'borrowed' auto... "HITS deer!!!
    Three in less than 36 hours.
    They are now in pre planning for next lightning strike and have drawn up last will and testament with lawyer....

    life is full of obstacles and
    I wish you good luck in your near and distant future ...I wish myself good luck infact...


  8. Ho, ho, ho, hee, hee, hee?

    I hope that's a pre-Christmas, jolly Santa laugh and not a demonic, something-wicked-this-way-comes laugh.

  9. Eddie,

    Hmmm...that IS a Bad Day story! Well, that doesn't make mine sound sooo bad after all.(Although I haven't related the story of my other teeth...maybe I'll relate it at some other point. Alternatively, I may just order some dentures.....)

    A quick question...

    Do your your partner's parents live in a Game Park or what?!

    Yep, You do need some luck! I suggest the In Laws (if I may be so bold to call them that) follow Paul's recommendation to me...and get a tank....

  10. Fear not PB! You know I love Thomas!

    (And I'm not talking about The Engine!)


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