Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Against the clock

Whilst catching up on some of my blogging friends this morning I popped over to Laura's site Delighted Scribbler who is one of my newest blogging friends and what a surprise was in store for me. For Laura has discovered a new application called Write or Die where you can set yourself writing targets against the clock. And if you want to be particularly masochistic you can put it into kamikaze mode whereby if you don't write fast enough your words will disappear before your very eyes!

So this is what I am doing right now! I've set at target of 1500 words in 30 minutes. I've no idea at what speed I normally write; I'm not one for timing and organization I just write what I feel and when I feel like it which probably explains why I haven't finished my book yet! I also find it very easy to be distracted… by virtually anything. Especially anything that is tasty (if you know what I mean!)

My last post was about insomnia; I suffer from it quite a lot so if you've ever wondered why a comment pops on your blog at a ridiculous time of the day/night now you know why! But hey I have some fun at night it's not all tears and droopy eyelids. Sometimes I get stuck into a conversation with Master Sy who, if you've not realised is a bit of a teccy guy and works nights at an important British Institution. (MacDonalds) We usually talk complete drivel but hey that's what the two of us do best! Sometimes I ask him for teccy advice which probably annoys the pants of him. (Actually I know it does because early on he told me he hated it when people ask him computer related questions. - I guess it's rather like being a doctor being plagued by endless questions when your in the loo or having a cup of tea - or a film star having a quiet lunch only to be interrupted by a pain in the arse autograph hunter who doesn't know the boundaries.) Anyway being the useless IT person that I am over the course of the time I've sneaked a few questions.... usually in a pleading, grovelling fashion like;

" Oh Master Sy, you are so clever and exceedingly funny and I am so thick and I simply cannot figure out how to do this application and I have tried ever so hard and my poor, poor head is a spinning and I 've run out of chocolate and I just can't think anymore. Will you please, please help poor Mrs T, Oh pretty please! I will be forever indebted to you. I will worship the ground you walk on forever!"

Well something like that, except there maybe a little more grovelling involved.

Anyway, the good thing about Master Sy is that he never, never says "No". Isn’t that great? What a super star and he doesn't have a big head. (Or does he?!! Hee, hee, hee - sorry that information is only known to Mrs Sy!) Well that brings me onto the subject of relationships...

I was reading Mr Geoffrey’s post on cyber relationships and I agreed with a lot of it. The Internet can break down the barriers that exist between people. I think people are free to communicate without the fear of stigma and can be free to be who they want to be. There is greater freedom of speech; for many I suspect it is easier to communicate by words than face to face and maybe that does lead to relationships and friendship developing with greater ease. I see that as only a good thing. Certainly the friendships I have developed over the last year have been rewarding and fruitful and have only added to my enjoyment of life.

In real life we are not guaranteed to receive the love and care we would hope for even from our nearest and dearest. Some people cannot ever express themselves fully. For example I received a sympathy card from someone I have known for 20 years which simply read “Sorry to hear your news" I see this person regularly and not once have they expressed sadness for the loss of my mother or for my well being.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm saying here…I'm writing as fast as I can against the clock. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I personally find the Internet a wonderful source of communication and I've made friendships that I value. Of course there are disadvantages and pitfalls but there is with anything and we just have to pick through things until we find what works for us and what gives us the greatest pleasure.

Well, it won't be long till its Christmas; I love buying presents for my friends. But I like to find just the right present; I don't think there's much point otherwise. I thought I'd make a start yesterday and did a little surfing and Lo and Behold I found the perfect present for Master Sy! Here it is:

Do you…..STOP!!

846 words in 30 minutes! I'll just finish up.....

Well do you like what I've found for Master SY? You know what; I think he will. The question is do I get large or extra large to fit over his BIG HEAD????

Well, I don't think I could have written any faster! But I'm not particularly quick as I only really began typing 2/3 years ago. So if you're a speedy typist you may manage more; why don't you give it a go? It'll get the old brain cells ticking over! I've left the script as I wrote it with the exception of one nonsensical word, changing the writing application name as I'd incorrectly titled it and correcting my (many) spelling mistakes. I was altering my mistakes as I was going along but soon realised I was wasting valuable time, so don't make the same error!

Have fun and thanks for the link Laura!


  1. Pretty good, Mrs.T!!!

  2. Do you know, I really enjoyed it Tamera! I've always been someone who thrives under pressure so maybe I'll give it a go on a regular basis! I've been a bit vacant lately...maybe this application is just what I need.

  3. That was really good Jane. I might not have got past the first paragraph in 30 minutes. My problem is not one of slow typing, it has to do with slow thinking! yours on the other hand sounded so straight-from-the-heart kind of sharing one does with family and friends.

  4. Thanks Usha,

    I suppose I normally write pretty fast. I usually have a theme in mind but it's usually something as general as "Shopping" or "Cleaning" and then I just see what happens.For me the greatest chore is proof reading and editing...making sure that what I mean is what comes across. The English language is so complex it is easy to convey the wrong meaning..and with humour I think that it is even more so, especially as sometimes it walks a thin line. (That in itself is a phrase that I might have altered on a second reading because I'm sure for some people it will make no sense at all!)

    Your posts are just great Usha... You don't need to change a single thing. So keep write on doing what you do best.

  5. Ah yes you see Mrs T...I say I dont want to help people to hide my complete awesomness by looking mean...and then I help anyway as to get the love of the laydies.

    You will be less than surprised to hear this, but during my time at another institution (not the padded walls one) which I wont mention by name, but their "drugs" are "super", I looked after the lowly head office IT. I had that exact shirt! I also had one rhat read "Dont blame me, it's a hardware problem". I wore them enough that they changed the dress code in my department because the manager was a worthless human being with illusions of grandeur. I continued to wear the shirt and he threatened to sack me..which he didnt as he was spineless.

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Back later..I'm burning tea!

  7. Isn't it a rush? You're post is great! I use it to try and push my novel forward, but it's definitely a a great idea for those what-do-blog-about moments.

  8. Oh tennis is cancelled Master Sy! An easy evening..better than last night when the road to Woburn was closed and it took me an hour and a half to do a 35 minute journey. Boy was I a cross bunny.

    Um..where was I before I was distracted by the smell of burning food....

    Ah yes, so you don't need that tee-shirt? Boo - Hoo. Still I 'd rather find out now than give you something you've already got.

    How about a tee shirt or perhaps even another garment with "I've got a big head" on it??

  9. Laura,

    As one of your commentators did say there could be the tendency to produce garbage. But I'm not sure if that matters anyway...because at the end of the day it is just a starting point really; something to get the mind thinking and the creative juices flowing and purely for that reason I think it's a valuable tool.

    I'm going to try it again later/tomorrow and see if I can get the foundation for my next BBC article.

  10. Cute post Miss Jane... It certainly shows your talent. So, you just learned to type? Wow, that's impressive. More impressive is that you can spout out all that info in such a short period of time. Get some sleep huh?

  11. Hi there Mr I,

    Well truthfully I took a basic typing course about 14 years ago but I never used the skills I'd learnt so it was kinda like starting all over again when I decided writing longhand was not the way to go... (Anyway the course was so basic if I'd had webbed fingers I would have passed.)

    You know when I use the word "spout" it is usually followed by either the word "crap" or "bullshit". Did you slip up deliberately? (Giggles)

    Ah you're such a sweet guy!

  12. Ye gods, you've been busy, Mrs T. It only seemed a minute ago since I got sucked into a black hole and had to leave Blogdom behind, but what do I find on my return? Steve Martin, loo cleaners, Noddy, writing-against-the-clock... insomnia.

    At least you're doing something useful with your insomnia like writing, unlike the other Mrs T, who managed to strike up a nice little war with Argentina and, and... (No, I mustn't start rattling on about Thatcher, or the dreaded insomnia and the twitching eye will find it's way back to me too.)

    Without a doubt, your insomnia seems a force for good, especially if there's more Mrs T posts as a result. However, if you really do want some zzzz, and if counting sheep really won't do, here's a sure-fire cure for insomnia: Cricket. Just the thought of it should do. ZZzzzzzzz.

  13. PB,

    Well yes cricket has been known to send people to sleep! But alas PB not Mrs T as I'm quite a big cricket fan! I don't follow it much these days with the lack of time and now most of the best matches being on Sky (which we don't have). In fact PB Mrs T is rather a good striker of the ball herself and knows exactly where Silly Point is!

    Nope you'll have to come up with a better suggestion! At the moment I testing out boy band music for my tank. What d'you reckon to Take That?? Sickly enough?

    I've decided on a theme for my next BBC article; nativities! Yeah, you know the ones you have them over there at Christmas or with all that heat is the manger at risk of catching fire?!

  14. Ooohh...a codpiece maybe with the phrase emblazened on it with fire and stuff...that would be awesome! I would wear it with pride!

  15. Hi O,

    Thanks for popping over; I know from your posting that your busy but hey that's great! And what's more it's very important to be involved in your community. We don't have enough of that spirit these days. Keep on doing your stuff and I'll still be reading what you've got to say whenever your around.))

  16. Master Sy,

    A codpiece eh? Hmmm.... Hmmm that seems to remind me of Blackadder.

    Well I think I shall have to have one made to order. Is that large or extra large Master Sy?

    (PS Use my personal email will you? I don't want you to be embarrassed if you have to admit to something smaller.)

  17. I cant lie...and as embarrasing as it is to say this, I need an xxxxxx-small. I believe though that once you get past 5 x's, it turns in to big as you can get thankyouverymuch! Afterall, it has to get around my waist.

  18. Writing against the clock with the fear of it disappearing! I'd be no good at that Mrs T. i'd be too terrified I forgot the time or didn't hear the cyber alarm and lost all the writing. mind you, some of the drivel (is that how you spell drivel?), I knock out in a first draft gets the elbow any way.
    Fab post again, I can just picture chomping away on a big bar of chocky whizzing through cyber space in the early hours, and why not.

  19. Enjoyable post Mrs. T. 1500 words in 30 minutes! Sounds scary. My thoughts are definitely too slow. Maybe I could use age as an excuse.
    About the Internet, yes it definitely is the best thing since sliced bread :)

  20. Silly Point? Are you serious? That something so silly can be part of the game might be enough to win me over. (Give us a clue: is Silly Point near the G Spot?)

    As for your tank, you do realise you have to call it Thomas the Tank, don't you? Are you comfortable with that? No, don't answer that; if you're comfortable with boy bands (and cricket) then obviously your tolerance of nonsense is remarkable if not sublime.

    Nativities, eh? I believe we do have nativities here, although the threat of thunderbolts and lightning (rather than bush fire) usually prevents me from getting too close to working out exactly what's going on between Mary, Joseph and those three camel merchants. You see, I once played the role of God in my primary school nativity, but lost all the glory when the Headmaster made me sing from behind a closed curtain in case the locals thought it was blasphemous and decided to stone me or him or whatever was an appropriate Home Counties punishment back then.

    So I look forward to your Beeb piece, Jane, so you can bring me up to speed with all that crib and manger stuff. Will you announce when it's posted please?

  21. don't be silly Paul..."Silly Point" actually exists! You cant go comparing it to something that is pure myth!

  22. Yes ... Speedy Typist here!

    I was paged by googaliods alert system to my pager.

    Internet pals??? Worth way more to me than I ever imagined possible when I first hooked up a computer 3 years ago. I remember my first post ... "I am the real Speedcat"

    That was it. I was amazed that something I wrote was on the internet. A month later I met a few regulars, and was linked by one of them. I did not know how to make a link!!

    From those humble beginings, came hundreds of on line aquaintences ... and some "real close" ones too. There are those I talk to EVERY day.

    One thing that still floors me ... it seems that all the decent, caring, and sharing people are out there blogging something.

    Long live the blog people :-)

    .... oh, and "HI" from SpeedyCat

    (5 minutes)

    he hee

  23. No, no, Sy, "The G" is a famous Australian cricket ground, of course. You've obviously been looking in the wrong spot. No wonder you were stumped, leg before wicket... unable to find, let alone kiss, the sacred turf. Perhaps your codpiece should have GPS attached.

  24. Hello - my emails are being bounced back - can you send me the new address so that I can thrill you with news of what I have been eating?

  25. You know Paul....I often wondered why women who werent interested in sport were fascinated by that cricket ground. Something of a holy grail for them apparently. I tried explaining that they shouldnt use a man for guidance to finding it as it only leads to disappointment. But do they listen?

  26. On the Spout thing... You said it - Not me! I happen to enjoy your spouting offs! :) See Ya!

  27. Well folks I'm back. I've been a tad busy doing the necessaries and then a most terrible thing happened.....

    Yes, my broadband went kaput! Which, as you can imagine, is like a knife to the heart for an internet addict like Mrs T. Oh the tears and frustration! Woe, woe, woe is me!

    So, Master Sy..extra large pants coming up!

    Gary, Come on give a try! Believe me chocolate is very good inspiration. Especially, if you use it as a reward... 100 words = 2pieces and so on....

    (PS Review coming up next week.)

    Sue, I'm definately in agreement; I love the internet almost as much as I love chocolate! When I have the two together I'm in Seventh Heaven!

    PB and Sy... two men talking about cricket? Now that is enough to send me to sleep!

    But PB... Thomas the Tank??? I have one word to say...


    Mrs A,

    I hope you've been doing better than me. My protracted conversations with BT and MAD forced me to encounter several bars of deliciously naughty choccy and a bottle of plonk.

    Mr I,

    I'd better keep spouting then! I need to keep my favourite colonial amused!!

  28. Oh, I nearly forgot Mr Speedy!

    Ah...underneath all that bravado and all that craziness there's just a sweet guy trying to get out!

    (20 seconds!)

    Hmm... on second thoughts that's not long enough for Mr Speedy..Here's a big cyber kiss too...

    MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmXX !!

  29. ....awww shucks


    "kicks foot and falls down"


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