Sunday, December 14, 2008

Music Mondays; A woman in Love

When I first saw the Music Monday link I thought it would be a rather nice opportunity to not only play some of my favourite songs but also take a little meander back through the years and remind myself of some of the singers and songs that have marked some stage of my life.

The first record I remember owning was a compilation "floppy" 45 inch record that came free with a weekend newspaper. It was the by the group with the royal connection; The Three Degrees. If you don't live in the UK you may not know that it has been been well reported that Prince Charles had a huge crush on Sheila Ferguson, the lead singer, and when you see her in the video you'll see just why!

I used to play the disc on a small record player passed on from a colleague of my father. The disc had three songs on it. "When Will I See You Again" which is probably their most well remembered track was one of the songs but I can't remember for sure what the other two were. Anyhow, it was pretty much the start of my record collection. The song I'm playing today was one of their later songs "A Woman in Love" and thirty years on it's still a great song....A simple, powerful and timeless song that will ring true in the heart of any woman who has been in love....

And boy do I luvvvvv those dresses!

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  1. Oh wow.. I love this song.. classic.. and yes.. I lurvee the dresses too...eheh..

  2. Almost everybody seems to be in a mellow mood this morning. A lot of slow songs...

    Nice choice.:)

  3. Wow, where did you dig these gals up from? I remember them from --- "When Will I see You Again." Nice Choice. Thanks for the memories!

  4. Hi LJ,

    Yep, it's a great song. I love all their songs though. Simple tunes and great voices where you can hear all the lyrics. Yep, and I have to admit it..I prefer seeing women dressed beautifully like The Three Degrees rather than showing it all off in a leotard. Just a little more classy.


    Yep, you're right, I was feeling mellow too.

    Mr I,

    Mrs T's musical memories stretch back a long way..... next week maybe some glam rock, depending on my mood. Or maybe I should play some New Romantic just so you can get out your frilly shirt again? It looks kinda dashing on you!

  5. Wow a slice out of my turbulent teenaged years . I so love you Mrs T . I can hear that last long line "la la la see you agaaaaaaaaaaaaain ."Must hear . I remember that bit about Prince Charles from some magazine !

  6. Yes, my frilly shirt should be back from the cleaners now. It was tough getting those chocolate stains off the cuffs. But it's sparkling clean now. Can't wait until next week.

  7. Mrs G,

    There were great weren't they? A class act. More old memories next week!

    Mr I,

    Hmm... How big a shirt can I find? But you know some of those glam rock suits were just grrreat... and what about those tight whte pants.... Oh decisions, decisions.....

  8. Speedy like sequins ... and fancy dresses.
    That was a FUN video and a great song. Sometimes they do not coincide.
    Super pick!!!

  9. Yeah all that glamour and glitz is great ain't it Speedy! I bet you'd you look real good in sequins too!

    Yep, I'm up with my insomnia....

  10. how nice, this is a new one for me. This is why I enjoy Music Mondays!! She has a beautiful voice and of course she is beautiful herself, bu the dress. That is a vintage must have! Nice :)

  11. I reckon I'm going to enjoy this segment a lot, Mrs T. Remember all those genre labels: Tamla Motown, Reggae, Soul? I guess the The Three Degrees would have been classified as Tamla or Soul. Hmm, Memory Lane!

  12. Thanks for the classic memories! :)

    Did Prince Charles give Sheila, the Third Degree? ;~)

  13. Oh blimey, I've got behind again! All that Christmas stuff gets poor Mrs T in a muddle!


    Yes, you're quite right. I've already come across some great new tunes and of course it's always enjoyable to hear some old favourites...

    Yep, those dresses are gorgeous... but you calling them "vintage" makes me feel really old!! Oh bugger, time for the face creams again!


    Uh huh. Just how old do you think I am???????? I ain't as old as you! We'll be having some New Romantics, New Wave and even a bit of D I S C O....

    Yeah ok.... and all the old stuff too......

    Miss Moneypenny,

    Well.... who knows for sure! And that is probably the way it should remain.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Hi Bonoriau,

    Welcome! Yep, it is a super song. There are so many wonderful voices out there but there's nothing like the real, non digitally enhanced thing, is there? Ah..the good old days.....


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