Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flowers and silly stuff

I'm warning you all now - this post may be silly in places and a tad long. Sorry about that.

Anyhow, a few weeks back when I was feeling a little blue an email popped up from Go! Smell the Flowers! It was an award for my (rather dubious) musings which really cheered me up when I needed it...so a big Thank You to all the team at over at the Flower Shop for the vote of confidence. But that's not all...because a few days later a video link appeared for You Tube for a Flower Smeller film where just for a second my silly jester icon pops up! Here it is below; see if you can spot me!

Well I really enjoyed that little bit of fun! And if you're wondering what the song was, it's the latest release from Girls Aloud, winners of Pop Stars; The Rivals (which preceded X factor) a few years back. Girls Aloud seem to be going from to strength to strength. I believe it could be something to do with Gary buying all their records in bulk! Anyway, I was a bit cruel to Gary posting that chicken last week, so here is a picture of the lovely Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud just for Gary. (Yeah okay, and all you other hormonal guys...)

Right, now the male dribbling is over. (That includes you Sy) It's time for me to pass on the Flower Smeller Award.

Here are the list of rules for tagging for flower smellers & founders alike:

1. If you are awarded the flower smeller badge or are a founder of GO! Smell the flowers then pop the flower smeller badge up at your blog and award it to 5 others by writing a post with links to the 5 blogs or websites that you choose.

2. You can award this badge to a maximum of 5 people per month from now until eternity as and when you come across more flower smellers.

3. Link to this post so that people can find the origin of where the award started and find their way to this community.

4. Proudly display the Flower Smeller award with a link to the post that you wrote announcing your award.

5. All flower smellers - be prepared to be approached to write a 500 word account of yourself to feature in our 2009 book - The Flower Smellers that some of founders will be featuring in - here’s a few examples we prepared earlier, in PDF format for now over at The Flower Smellers page. .

Now I've chosen my first four recipients for their overall contribution to the blogging world not just for the content of their owns blogs. (I'm obviously excluding my own blog here which only requires responses of a rather dubious nature).

So my first award goes to Mr Geoffrey for his three blogs Falling Forwards , Love's passage and Geoffrey's Farrago The quality of his writing is excellent as are his personal, social, political and economic observations. In fact, sometimes when I'm over his place I'm in complete awe of his intelligence. However, I feel even more thick when he gets into conversations with my second nominee, Eddie from The Cliff Walk. Where do they both get all their knowledge from? Yikes, when the two of them are wielding their intellectual prowess I have to go down to my kitchen and clobber myself with the rolling pin just to see if there's still a brain inside my head. Then, If I'm not seriously concussed, I go back upstairs and start googling all sorts of subjects just so when I leave my own comment I don't sound too stupid instead of something more akin to my initial reaction which would be on the lines of;

"Nice Post Geoffrey. What the **** were you talking about?"

Yes, I'm quite good at cunningly disguising my ignorance. It's a habit I've been perfecting for the last 17 years. Rather like my attempt to cunningly disguise my bottom by telling everyone I'm a surrogate mother to a baby hippo and it's very attached to me......

I did mention once before that I've been proof reading Mr Geoffrey's novel Love's Passage which is pretty hot... and I don't mean that you get a free curry with it. In fact, I was so steamed up...um...impressed....that I've put myself forward to read the sequels; Love's Passage II, subtitled, The Second Coming and Love's Passage III, subtitled, Knackered and not before time.

(I gather the last of the trilogy is a bit of a let down at the moment. Never mind Geoffrey; keep firming it up and it'll turn out splendid!)

I must also report that having to spoken in person to Mr Geoffrey, I can inform interested ladies that he has a voice comparable to taking a luxurious bath in melted Green and Black's dark organic chocolate. Indeed, when I'd finished talking to Mr Geoffrey I went straight to my desk, got out my exercise book and duly wrote;

I must not stalk Mr Geoffrey
I must not stalk Mr Geoffrey
I must NOT stalk Mr Geoffrey......
I MUST NOT stalk Mr Geoffrey.......

Ah yes.....um........now back to Eddie.

Now Eddie is a smart cookie too and has a photo blog at The Cliff Walk which has some amazing photos from beautiful scenic shots to quirky comical ones. You saw two on my review of The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore but here's a couple more of his scenic shots;

Says it all really, doesn't it?

I must not stalk Mr Geoffrey
I must not stalk Mr Geoffrey....

Yeah....um.....ah...Now, I know I'm repeating myself from previous blogging awards but I'm sure a lot of bloggers in India including my friends Hillgrandmum and Eve's Lungs would agree that Usha and her blog AgelessBonding is thoroughly marvellous. Usha tackles just about every subject from the humorous and mundane to the serious and challenging. She is truly gifted in her ability to connect with people on so many different subject. She has an easy, natural manner and combined with an obviously thoughtful and caring nature her blog makes for great reading. So get over there and read her blog. ( God, I love those jackboots I bought in the sales.)

Then of course there's Mr Intrepid. Yeah, he keeps coming over here flouncing around in his big frilly shirt but over at his place he is writing all sorts of eclectic posts but this one called Guns for Bread is a recent favourite of mine. Now Intrepid has turned down my offer of a nice tie to go with his shirt for Christmas which is unfortunate as I thought this one would go rather nicely with the frills;

Mmm...lovely and it's real polyester! I think it would look really special teamed with those fetching plus fours Mr Intrepid likes to wear;

Mmm... sweet. But now I'm thinking that frilly white shirt is just not colourful enough. Maybe this one from his wardrobe would be better;
Oh yeah baby! Now your looking HOT ! Mmmm...Mmmmmmm..........

(Yeah, okay I know you've got a tux Mr I - kindly get it on and send me a piccy will you?)

And my last nominee?

Well, of course, it's my old buddy Master Sy for not just been a super funny blogger but an all round top guy. He's special. (In a sort of weird, disturbed way.)

Now just before I finish, there's been so many awards flying around the blogosphere these last few months I thought I'd initiate a few of my own. My first award is;


Nominees must proudly display the following picture on their blog along with a credit to Mrs T.

You had no idea I was so talented did you?! Yep, art is amongst one of my many skills. In fact, I've now developed my own school of art. You've heard of the cubists? If you take a good look at my piccy you'll see how I'm working in the bananaist fashion. Uh..huh..pretty cool eh?

Okay, my nominees are Master Sy for being insane at all times and that fruitcake Speedcat over at Hollydale for being just plain bonkers. I am proud to know them both... because they make me look sane. Hurrah!

See you all soon!

Mrs T

I must not stalk Mr Geoffrey
I must not stalk Mr Geoffrey....


  1. Great choices for the flower award Jane.

    Have a great Xmas see you on the other side - you can make it!

    Go! Smell the Flowers
    The View From Here

  2. Oh Jane! You're totally nuts and I love it. I've been feeling a bit low today and you've given me the best laugh I've had all week! Thank you so very much. You're a treasure!

    The latest draft of Love's Passage has had its temperature lowered, so in curry terms it's less of a vindaloo (Blow your brains out it's so hot!), and more of a madras (Did you want less chillis with that, ma'am?) Perhaps, I should also explain to readers that it's not a cookery book, but a complex love story, where I'm delighted to say Mrs T exhibited a keen understanding of its subject matter without having to refer to her dictionary, encyclopedia or her very well worn copy of the Kama Sutra!

    Not stalk me? Why not? Have you not heard about the "Geoffrey's Place" stalkers club? At least if you were doing it I'd get a bit of fun!

    Thank you again. Thanks especially for making me laugh and brightening my day!

    Big hugs and stuff, Geoffrey

  3. Thanks Mike,

    Yes, all excellent blogs! I hope I can make it to the other side but you know those choccy bars don't half weigh me down!

    Mr Geoffrey,

    So glad you like it Mr G; Mrs T does rather play with fire at times!

    So you want stalking then? Hurrah! A girl's gotta get her kicks somehow!

    I can confirm that I have also received the revised LP this morning; I will read it with subdued lighting. (Ho,hum)

  4. I win????

    .... wait one moment

    (collecting my thoughts)

    I WIN ?!!!!!!!

    You don't know how I have longed to wear it again. only for special occasions you know

    You are invited to my giant fiesta grande` style party after the ceremony, and if I'm lucky, "maybe a dance or two?"

    I would further elaborate, but I need to call my mother. She will be so proud of her lil cat :-)


    kartwheel kartwheel kartwheel kartwheel kartwheel kartwheelkartwheel kartwheelkartwheel kartwheel kartwheel kartwheel

  5. Hmmm....Speedy. Your reaction to this award confirms everything I have thought about you..

    A sheer raving nutter.

    But in a kind of harmless atrractive way- unlike Mr Bush where it is a lethal, unattractive way.(Although he looks good in hats.)

    Now I would love to take to the dance floor with you and we could both wear our sequinned dresses! However, I'm a little worried that when I proffer my hand you will say....

    " Sorry, I've just had 5 chilli dogs and I need to take a dump...."

    A short lived romance eh?! Quit the chilli dogs!

    Do you work nights? You should be in bed! Mmm..I can just imagine the sumptuousness of your PJs....

  6. Wait a second. Now what was it I just read? Let me read that one more time when I'm not laughing so hard. And let me go find that photo of me in a Tux... :)

  7. Mmmm.. Mr I in his tux. Tasty! Sure beats your regular attire!

  8. Jane you are a sterling friend indeed!!

    Wowza...I'm supremely flattered.
    And to be put in as high regard as Mr. Geoffrey...well thats...thats.. stratoshperic!!

    Well the holidays have me and probably you too, I suspect , by the knickers... so I'm most apologetic regarding being so slow to respond.I didn't feel that a simple thanks was enough . I saved myself for a festive break,sipping some rum and eggnog while in a festive mood and full of good cheer as they say, to say something eloquent. Unfortunately the rum has me wanting to sing about Jolly Roger instead so I'll wish you and all the recipients of your generosity and esteem a most joyus holiday season!!!
    HO HO Ho and a bottle of rum...

    I'm starting to mix up santa and Roger...better go!

    You're 'the best' Jane!

  9. Ahh Thank You Edddie! That rum sounds tasty; a little Christmas haze is good from time to time isn't it?

    Yes, the last week before Christmas and the last few days of school are very hectic. Even more this year for me as I have got very behind with everything because of the sad recent events and then left myself in a massive rush to do so many things. I'm looking forward to the new year and making a fresh start.

    A very merry Christmas to you Eddie, my friend.

  10. The first time I read the post I did not recognise my name at all - obviously what business did I have to expect my name to turn up in such elite company and with such credentials. And then I remembered that you had mentioned an award in a recent comment so went looking for it in the battier than Bush section and what do I find?
    MY GOD! this is indeed a great honour. I am speechless. Thank you thank you thank you.
    If only I could cartwheeel like speedcat - that's what I'd do.

    Someone has a voice comparable to taking a luxurious bath in melted Green and Black's dark organic chocolate? He has no business keeping it away from people. Please publish his telephone number. I want to call him too.

    Thanks once again Jane. This is the highest point of my blogging career.

  11. Usha, no thanks is necessary my friend.

    I continue to find your blog one of the most interesting blogs that I have come across and I sincerely hope you are selected for The Flowers Smellers Book.

    Ps; I didn't forget the choccy but I have found something else which shall be winging its way to you anon!

    But hands off Mr Geoffrey; he's mine!!!!!!


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