Thursday, December 25, 2008

Test your sobriety with Mrs T

Yes, yes okay. I was going to write something slushy and sentimental but then I thought what people need is actually something practical to get you through Christmas. Now, regrettably, I can't offer any cooking tips (For obvious reasons) so here's a test for your sobriety. So if you're thinking of getting in the car, dancing on the table or murdering your mother in law you need to complete the following test. If you fail you need to take 2 Anadins and go to bed.

I should warn you this test is not for the feint hearted so if you have a pacemaker or are of a nervous disposition read my Christmas Socks poem instead.

By the way, when you get to the end of each level release your mouse and then quickly press down again to take you onto the next level.

Right, off to bed with you! And if you're wondering if that was me. Fortunately, it's not. I'm far better looking, although I have to say there is a vague similarity after a night on the tiles.....

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Oh, bloody Hell! *off to find a bottle of wine*........I had to keep starting over at the beginning. The wine should help ;o)))

    Merry Christmas, Jane!!!!!!!

  2. Test my sobriety? On Christmas Day? Naaaah ...

    While I'm here, let me just say how much I have enjoyed reading your blogs this year. They are original, amusing and the perfect antidote to the monotony of housework. Thank you!

  3. A bottle of wine sounds gooood Tamera!I'm just winding down after the excitement of Dr Who (Yipee!) and before Wallace and Gromit!(Woof, woof!) A little coffee now before I start on the liquer!(MMMmm..Yeah!)

    Sounds like you definately need a drink and the day is still only young!

    Merry Christmas Tamera; have a wonderful day!

    Mrs B,

    Well it's good to know I'm not the only one who has to spend a few mins at the PC every day; I go bonkers if I don't! And that is baaad considering my general disposition...

    Glad you've enjoyed my blog Mrs B; more lunacy coming next year. I'll be needing you and Mrs A to reign me in! Have a good few days and see you ladies of leisure (read "Domestic servants") must stick together!

  4. Me too! (If I don't go on the computer for at least a few minutes daily, I mean.)

    BTW, I haven't done enough cooking or been in the kitchen for long enough today - oh Jane, agony aunt, what should I do??

  5. Mrs B,

    You are a credit to womankind! You cannot live life in the kitchen! It is far more enjoyable eating Chocolate Delight 64% dark chocolate little tasty yummy stick things with some whisky liquer especially if hubby has retired early due to excess alcohol!

    Not that I'm doing that of course! I'm slaving away in the kitchen preparing tomorrow's bubble and squeak....

    My advice is...get Hubby drunk, put your feet up and watch The Thomas Crown Affair. Beats Eastenders any day.


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