Sunday, December 7, 2008

Music Mondays; Musical Inspiration

Personally I find music of all types inspiring; it has the ability to alter or lift my moods or indeed intensify them. Unfortunately, I've never been that much of a musician and I've a voice any sensible dog would howl to - so I'm always in admiration of those that create beautiful and uplifting music whether it is vocally, lyrically or instrumentally. Wouldn't it be fantastic to be one of those people who sit down at a piano and just play? No wonder Christie Brinkley fell for Billy Joel. Hey, I'd fall for Barry Manilow if he wrote a song for me!

Hmm...on second thoughts...maybe not. Well okay,maybe I'd have to be pretty tipsy.

(And very possibly blind.)

At my Book Club we often play music in the background that we feel adds to the flavour of the book just for a little added extra. So as we were due to discuss my friend and fellow blogger Paul Burman's book The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore I asked him what we should use and he sent the link to the video below. It's a song called Fleur de Saison by the French singer/songwriter Emilie Simon. The lyrics are in French but actually I think that adds to the potency. I did use an automatic translator to look at the lyrics on line but even with my extremely limited French I thought it was probably a poor translation. If there's anybody out there who wants to have a bash at translating then please do let me know your results. However, when I viewed the song it I could really see how both the song and the video had provided inspiration for Paul's book and if you get the chance to read his book you'll understand just why. I'll be reviewing Paul's book later in the week but in the meantime let's have a look at this amazing video and equally addictive tune.

Well wasn't that fantastic?

Aren't you glad I didn't play Barry Manilow?

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  1. I see you've figured it out. Well done. Good Choice! Tre Bien!

  2. I love Emilie Simon! I don't listen to much foreign music but she... oh I love. There's just something addictive about the voice.

  3. Truly fantastic. I totally agree with you, its intense and addictive.

  4. Oh, I love being introduced to new music! Although I love me some barry!

  5. Julie,

    Umm...we need to speak about this Barry thing. Just how long have you been suffering from the hallucinations??

    (Perhaps I should add that's my British sense of humour slipping out!)

  6. Mr I,

    Yep, Mrs Thicky T suddenly saw the the fridge... and had a moment of inspiration...


    It just has that undefinable "something" doesn't it? Thanks for dropping by!


    Hi and thanks for popping over! I'm not much for continental music either but I'm hooked on Emilie now. The creativity of this video too is quite mesmerizing.

  7. I'm glad you used this, Jane. Was recently given Emile Simon Live (the CD -- not actually her). Her other video clips are well worth looking at too.

    PS. You can find a translation at lyricsmania:

    PPS. It didn't quite so much inspire 'Snowing and Greening' (as I only started listening to it in final edits and didn't taken note of the lyrics at that point), but provided a great rhythm for me to tap away at the keyboard to!


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