Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let the Voices of Reason Speak

Cripes, I feel mad lately. Monday was such a beautiful, sunny day. In the morning I'd sat down at my computer and was finalising a piece of flash fiction to submit for The Bridport Prize, Young Sam had even come into my study and asked me for help on a photography competition he wanted to enter and all was well -I was in a really positive frame of mind. Then I get than darn call from school (see yesterday's post) and everything goes pear shaped.

Then this morning the stray cat I was feeding hasn't turn up. Yesterday, he arrived with a nasty injury to his head. I tried to get him into a basket but failed so I went to the Vets and asked for antibiotics which I could feed him so he didn't get an infection;

 "Oh, we can't give antibiotics without seeing the cat. Maybe you could get the RSCPA vet to look at him?"

 I reply;

 "Seriously, you think the RSCPA are going to hang around at my house all day on the off chance he'll appear?"

I walk away empty-handed.

What is wrong with these people? It's the same with schools, doctors, almost any government department. These people are all afraid to work outside the box, to fly in the face of political correctness and the tick box mentality. The majority are too afraid to do what they know is morally right and many, I suspect, enjoy being Little Hitlers, glorifying in their role of administrative masters of the universe.

I seriously hope that if ever I work in a position of authority again I will have the courage to do what's right, to follow my heart, to the listen to the voice within that says "This is not right and I must act, whatever the consequences."

It was only a cat I know.


  1. What did happen to the cat? Is it ok? And were you able to tackle the school?

  2. The cat reappeared last night Sue -but I was not able to get hold it but it did eat some food. It is not appeared today at all:( Sadly, if an infection sets in that I may not see it again:(

    I will tackle the school in person next week. When I calm and logical - at the moment I am still one very cross bunny!


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