Monday, June 10, 2013

The Best One Liner Yet

As some of you are aware Master Benedict has a habit of producing some admirable one liners. This afternoon as we were travelling to tennis he produced his best yet...

Mrs T: It's Father's Day on Sunday. Any ideas what we should get Dad?

Master Benedict: We don't have a father.

Mrs T: What do you mean?

Master Benedict: We have two mothers.

So there you have it. The truth is out. There is not one but two Housewife Extraordinaries in the Turley Household.

Is it any wonder I'm mad?

I have a lot of sympathy with this poor depressed woman with her mound of ironing. However, I admire her too as she's actually got her iron out. I try to leave the ironing to Mr T or I bury the iron in the utility room and use the excuse of not being able to find it as the reason I am unable to perform my housewifely duties -unless Mr T has issued me my marching orders. In which case I first study the prenupital agreement and check for any get out clauses.

The above picture is a favourable comparison with a relaxing evening in the Turley Household - although I haven't  actually held our remote control since 1991.  Oh yes, and I'm not blonde and I'm not thin. It's not a bad likeness of Mr T though - although the remote control is missing from his breast pocket.

Any ideas for a Father's Day gift for the good Mr T are most welcome. Cheap ones please. I'm on a budget.


  1. LOL!! (Sorry, I keep forgetting this is a blog and not a text message.)

    Keep 'em coming, Mrs T. Call me old-fashioned but shouldn't men always do the ironing anyway? The little lady of the house really can't be expected to operate an electrical appliance all on her own, no? Wait a minute. That applies to ovens, vacuum cleaners, microwaves .. oh, and TV remote controls as well. Oh dear. No, wait - they only have batteries in, don't they?

    1. The Good Mr T is remarkably skilled in the ironing dept, Mrs B. I do not want to deprive him of something he loves so much:))

      (The trick is to balls it up for about ten years - wrong creases, burns, lime scale stains etc etc, eventually it become easier to iron their own shirts. I've never looked back:)


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