Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am an internet slob!

If  "procrastination" was a name it would be mine. But it's not. However, I am thinking of changing my blog sub heading from "The often dubious, politically incorrect and mainly humorous musings of Mrs Jane Turley, Housewife Extraordinaire" to:

The often lazy, socially inept and mainly slothful musings of Mrs Jane Turley, Procrastinator Extraordinaire. 

I cannot believe how lazy I have been lately. I have done virtually nothing productive the last couple of weeks apart from write the odd random musing which has taken less time to write than it takes me to do my daily chores. (Generally about twenty minutes.) All around me I've seen other writers publishing books, working on additional manuscripts, flailing book reviewers and occasionally paying homage to somebody called Chuck Wendig. Who this person is I have absolutely no idea but I think he might be a Scottish caber tosser.  

Anyway, I feel like a slob. If I was a man I'd looked like this:

Exchange the game controller for a mouse and you have a reasonably accurate  representation of my current disposition -  apart from the fact that I don't warm my crisps by nestling them up against my balls which is obviously a man thing. And before anyone asks - yes, I do need to lose some weight. Which is a girl thing.

Anyway, tomorrow I am quitting the internet for 24 hours (or until someone emails me) and, as they say in the dope business, I'm gonna "do some shit" which means I am going to write something proper. Like an opening chapter or a short story. Maybe even a poem.

 Or possibly a haiku.

Yeah, a haiku sounds good. Real good. And when I've done that I'm going out to stock up on crisps.


  1. This is my haiku
    And this is the second line
    That was my haiku

  2. Mrs A - Brilliant. I do not in this instance think I can beat you at sheer creativity. I will try is my duty, but I believe that this time around I will not succeed.


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