Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Pathetic British Education System: Yet Another Educational Rant.

I have never been more despairing of the British Education system than of this afternoon.

It is an absolute shambles. It is a disgrace to our country and it is criminal what the system is doing to bright, intelligent children.We are producing generation after generation of children who will not fulfil their potential and some who can barely read or write.

My eldest son got a First Class degree last week but I know with absolute certainty what got him to university was his own intelligence and his love of reading. Most of the teaching he received up until the age of eighteen was mediocre. Luckily, once at university, he was able to capitalize on his interests and have access to better quality teaching.

But at grass roots level this country's state education is totally crap. I make no excuse for my language. I have put in more time, effort and finances than almost anyone I know trying to ensure my children have a decent education and every single step of the way they have been let down. Every single step.

Today, I received yet another call from my son's school to tell me he's not doing well at his literacy. At the end of term.

So no effective monitoring throughout the school year then?

I reminded his teacher that he left his lower school perfectly competent and that the same problem had happened at his present school two years ago and that my son and I had spent  8 months doing Kumon English and reading numerous books in order that he passed his SATS - which he subsequently did.

Now another year later he is back in the same position. In fact he told me a few months ago he felt his Literacy lessons were getting worse again. Today's phone call proves it. The fact that a twelve year old boy can tell when his teacher isn't up to scratch says something to me.

It is shameful. Our education system is broken, our children will suffer and no doubt in the long term our society too. I have no idea what to do other invest more time and money which tests my resilience and my bank balance.

I am broken hearted.


  1. It's definitely a worry, and the schooling was one reason for our emigration to Canada. That said, our kids are benefitting mainly from the more relaxed attitude - less testing, less streaming, less pressure. In our youngest, however, this is bringing out her innner sloth. At nine, she's still writing letters the wrong way round. Her mental math is non-existent. This is a poor trade for better behavioural issues.
    But no matter which continent, it's wrong for a parent to have to do the teaching. Assist, maybe, support yes, but to be forced to make up for deficiencies in the education system? Hell, no.

    1. It is truly worrying that it is not just here but in Canada you are also facing the same problems. I have three sons with at least one of them in state education for 16 years: I have witnessed the decline first hand and it most definitely accelerated during the Blair years. My father was a headmaster, my sister is a teacher, I am trained as an adult literacy teacher, my in laws were both teachers, my sister in law is a teacher turned social worker - all my life I have talked education. It's bad here Damian. There are a lot of root causes too long to go into here but I am worn out by it all - I have put so much time, money and effort in and as soon as I let up in any way it all goes pear-shaped. The sad fact is you simply cannot rely on the state school here. The present government are slowly trying to improve things - but a lot damage has been done and it will be too late for many children and those that have already passed through the system. The repercussions will be long lasting. A good education is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a child. Sadly, a few idiots in Whitehall have cursed generations of children with their left wing mediocrity.

      Rant over:) For the moment anyway:))


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