Friday, June 7, 2013

Good News or Evidence That My Eldest Son Has Inherited My Genes

I will shortly be recounting yet another embarrassing tale of ineptitude about my attempt to get in and out of a multi-storey car park yesterday. However, before I do so as I know some of you have become familiar with my three young sons over the six years I've been blogging I am delighted to report/bragg that Young Master Sam has achieved a first class degree in Philosophy. I have touched upon my own experiences with philosophy a number of times in this blog, especially in the post Judgement Day, Philosophy and the Meaning of the Word "Chair."  Fortunately, I think Young Sam's experiences at university may have proved more beneficial than mine.

But what a proud mum I am today! I am congratulating myself for teaching him the subtle art of bullshitting and, of course, suffering his underpants for 21 years.

I am also pleased to report that I have been asked to contribute my short story The Princess and the Thief  to the Worldreader programme, a non profit organisation which aims to support the development of literacy skills in the developing world. My story will be available free of charge to schools and children all over Africa.

Kinda satisfying.

Now if I could just lose some weight, oust Dan Brown from the best-seller list and get some discounted chocolate things would really be looking up.


  1. Congratulations to Young Sam and to Proud Mother(especially for your teaching him " the subtle art of bullshitting" and the suffering....)

    1. Thank you, Sue:) He is now the holder of an official bullshitting qualification! Maybe he'll go into politics:))

  2. HUGE Congratulations to Young Sam and his proud as punch mum. A First is sensational!

    Anna May x

    1. Thanks, Anna May. I am still emailing all the relatives:)) I don't get much opportunity to boast so I'm making the most of it!


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