Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am not a Thai Lesbian!

Just for my own sanity I would like to publicly inform all the social networking sites that I am not a Thai lesbian.

Furthermore, I do not require a date with a Thai or Filipino lady of dubious background and I do not require them to do my household chores. (I have a husband to do that.)

Now I know that occasionally on this blog I've said life would be a lot easier living with a lesbian because women generally understand each other better and you don't have to do all that pseudo-pyscho analysis crap that you have to do with a bloke. (Such as interpreting that he's holding his beer in his left hand instead of his right as meaning he's had a bad day at work or that a grunt means more curry but without the rice but with an extra nan bread.) However, I want to now officially confirm to all networks and spammers that I am heterosexual. I like men. I am not interested in dating a Filipino school girl, a potential Thai bride or indeed any other kind of busty or non-busty woman. Also, if you insist on keep throwing up dating sites on my social network pages please can you make sure they contain pictures of some hunky young men.

Not all the young ladies I have been spammed with are as attractive as this young lady. However, I'm still not sure if the lady above is actually a corpse or not: I've seen more flesh on a cocktail stick. One thing's for sure she's not swimming across any oceans to find a husband without risking being plucked from the sea by a seagull feathering his nest or a whale mistaking her for a shrimp.

Okay, so just to clarify - I am very happy indeed to receive pictures of attractive young men like the one below.

You know, it took me a whole hour to find a tasteful picture of a young man for my blog. I had to wade through a lot of pictures of men in all sorts of attire and positions. It was a very difficult decision which required a lot of concentrated deliberation.

Oh, on a final note if I am to be sent male dating spam please make sure it is only pictures of singular males. I'm a middle aged woman I can only take so much shock without getting a coronary.


  1. Hey at least they're not confused with your gender. I keep getting spam addressed "Dear Sir". Also,apparently my penis needs to not only be enlarged, but a little pill to help it stand to attention.

    1. I just wish they'd hurry up and start marketing female viagra. the menopause is just around the corner and I need to stock up.


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