Thursday, April 30, 2009

Introducing Miss Pixie Lott

I've got so many blogs waiting to write - if only I had more time! I could write one every day but I've got too much to do - take for example this morning I have a tennis lesson with the lovely young Simon which (cough, cough) must take priority...... well you know my backhand does need improving... and of course I'm doing this for the boys so that I can play better with them as its become rather embarrassing being beaten by a 10 year old. And of course one day I also hope to beat the lovely Mrs D, my friend the tennis coach, in a game of finely tuned skills, strength and cunnning strategy. (Calling all her shots "out" and cutting the strings on her racquet.)

After tennis it's the hairdressers where I will be humbly apologizing for forgetting to go to my last appointment which was March 5th. I don't normally bother making appointments in advance because I have a habit of ..well..forgetting. But I thought I'd be able to remember that one as it was the day before my birthday and every gal wants to look good on her b-day doesn't she?

Well every gal except me obviously. Now that I look like Worzel Gummidge I thought I'd better have it cut. Blimey Mr T doesn't realise how lucky he is having a wife who hasn't had her hair cut since January!

Have you noticed that once I start writing I can't stop? I only popped in here to introduce to you Miss Pixie Lott who at the tender age of 18 is forecasted here to be the next singing sensation. Have a look and see what you think!

Not sure? Let's have another look...

Hmm... somehow I don't think One Republic and Gary Barlow will be complaining.

See you all soon for some silliness!


  1. Pixie Lott? What a great name! Her legs look very long. Can she go through doorways?

    Glad to hear you are working hard at the tennis and sorry to hear you'll be grovelling to hairdressers. This is all very high-maintenance stuff and very challenging if, like myself, you don't usually leave the kitchen.

  2. Yeah, Mrs B, those legs are amazing! I think the skirt should have been a little longer though. I didn't play her new video because they've just made her up to look like at sex kitten - aka Christina Aguelaria (or however you spell it!) which I found diappointing as she's only 18. I think they should have stuck with the more wholesome image.

    Yeah, what is it with the high maintenance women? Kitchen's are far more interesting than the hairdressers and the beauty parlour....

  3. Yes, Pixie's skirt IS a little, er, pixie-sized ...

    Beauty parlours? No way! All that pampering by complete strangers who are paid to be your new 'best friend', and the vapid talk you get about holidays and such like. Eeeuch. (Thank goodness I'm not a 'Trophy Wife/WAG', eh?)

  4. Blimey, who would want to be a trophy wife Mrs B? Imagine just shopping and lunching out everyday. How tedious! And the sheer boredom at the health spa..... being forced to talk about your holiday in the Caribbean.......

    Dull, dull, dull!

    Btw; Fancy a trip to Primark?

  5. Quite so. They probably drone on about botox and all sorts. How boring is that?

    Primark? Absolutely! No 'new best friend' shop assistants in there! (No assistants at all, which is perhaps just the way we like it?)


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