Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Master Sy and Mrs T get silly

I apologise now!

Sometimes I just can’t help being politically incorrect. Especially when I get into conversations with Master Sy. Here’s a conversation with Sy that we had by email the other morning when probably we both should have doing something more constructive. It pure adolescent behaviour but well I guess it made me laugh – quite a lot! If you're the type offended by a little political incorrectness read no further!

Mrs T; Were you Googling yourself yesterday Sy?

I had an amusing hit ..."Turrets syndrome and air traffic control..."

Sy; Was I Googling myself? Nope!! I actually did some work yesterday! Rare I know, but hey!

Turrets syndrome? Where do these people learn to spell!!

Mrs T; Okay …that was my spelling! Just a rare slip up of course..............

Umm...how do you spell it??

Sy; It's #******! Tourettes.

*#*#. BOOBS! *#*#.

I dunno what the fuss is about...I think it is an awesome disease.

Mrs T; Classic Sy...classic....

Of course its #****** Tourettes what was I a*** thinking big b**** off?

Sy; I used to know someone who had it. Its hard for them...put entertainment for us.


Mrs T; Man, you were lucky to have a friend like that! I'd die just to have a mate like that!

Hours and hours of sheer unadulterated #******..................

Sy; He was awesome. He couldn’t help it, naturally, but he understood that being a child, I had to laugh and he would end up laughing at it too. Maybe it helped him learn to live with it...maybe he hated me for it! Who knows!!!

Mrs T; I just checked - whoever it was did Google "turrets syndrome and air traffic control". That's obviously where the spelling got into my head.

But now I'm thinking...what if there is real air traffic control turret syndrome? Maybe air traffic controllers go mad after a while watching little blips on a radar? What if they start playing Space Invaders?
Maybe they run around clutching their heads screaming "No, no another blip, I just can't take it! Somebody help me!" And then they throw themselves out the turret window and are splattered on the runaway and a Jumbo 747 runs over them because the pilot is suffering from Cockpit Syndrome?

What d'you reckon?

Sy; I can believe that would be some kind of problem they would have, but I am thinking that they would maybe find that they see the dots on the screen and run to the anti-aircraft turret and see if they can "land" it on their own. This would be a great stress reliever as everyone loves playing space invaders!

Mrs T; Do you think when they're "landing" they wear they those funny hats and make "Vroom, vroom” noises?

Sy; I know that the pilots do. Captain Giggles from Bigglesville always wears them.
I am very sure that the ground movement guys make the vroom vroom noises as they tow the planes from the stand!

Did I ever tell you about the emergency has we had when I worked at ********? The server room was past a load of different departments, so if something went wrong, one of us put a yellow hat with a big goose sticking out of it and another put one of those hats with the light on top and we would run towards the server room looking concerned. Serious? Of course we were!

Yes, I know it was childish but hey, sometimes even the most sophisticated people of (me, obviously) have to let their hair down.


  1. Childish? That's about as sophisticated as I get! Almost all of that conversation was serious Mrs T. It was our "serious time" before we go back to talking about smut.

    *£^$&*"£^% *&£&^£(!"

  2. SSSShhhhh Master Sy! I don't want the world know about the smutty stuff!

  3. Dammit...I knew I was supposed to keep away from mentioning it...but you know, it is the staple part of my email conversation.

  4. You know, I never would have guessed Sy....

  5. Odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, not so odd, not so odd, well semi-normal, semi-normal, normal.

    The joys of bizarre conversations via the e-mail.

  6. Yep, that's pretty normal for Sy and me!


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