Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Miss Tigga (aka The Cat from Hell)

Yes, Miss Tigga was the ultimate Cat from Hell but you know folks I was more than a little fond of her.

Above is a piccy of Tigga aged about 12 months, along with Master Sam aged about 3 months. As you can see at this stage she was still pretty curious about the new arrival and in this particular photo was staking her claim to be in no 1 pole position in my affections. Fortunately, after circling Master Sam's cot on top of the rails about a thousand times (she used to walk around the bath rim as well and once fell in) she realised he was not going to feed her and cater to her every whim so I didn't have many worries about her invading his space. Instead, Miss Tigga took to biting my ankles and scratching the doors for my attention.... sometimes if she was a little too enthusiastic I had a indoor plant spray that I was forced to use in the early hours just to get some rest!

I don't think Tigga grew any more after this photo and was probably the smallest cat I've ever seen. Quite often she would leap upon my back or shoulders when I was least expecting it and sit on my shoulder like a parrot where she would peruse the surroundings or make the occasional leap to the wardrobe for an even greater vantage point. My legs, arms and back frequently bore the scars of her surprise attacks; a more wily adversary could not be found! And I'm afraid that even Mrs T whose verbal wit has reduce many to the a jelly-like state was no match for Tigga, the ultimate Cat from Hell.

But you know folks, even though she drove me bonkers, especially in this last year as her health declined, I guess she'll always have a special place in my heart because her love was totally unconditional and I'm so glad that on Friday morning when she didn't appear I found her in time to say our last goodbyes. In the end it was just her and me - as she always wanted.

It's hard when you know the inevitable is waiting round the corner and the loss of Tigga, despite her frustrating ways, has been hanging over for me for a long time. There isn't a good way to die; I lost my mother suddenly and dramatically and my father in a long drawn out battle against cancer and medical negligence. Each was traumatic in very different ways. However, what I have learnt is that is very good to have those you love around you.

And even though she was only a cat, I'm so glad that I was able to be there for Tigga, my little feline friend.


  1. I am sorry Jane. She looks so beautiful. And these little animals have a way of weaving their way into your heart that leaves a lot of pain when they suddenly disappear. It is good that you were there with her when it happened. I am sure it meant a lot to her.Hugs.

  2. Terrible to lose a loyal friend! I'm also glad that you got to be with her those last minutes...

  3. Now I know I've said some cruel, inflamatory things about cats, Jane, but I'm not really a heartless b######. So, my heartfelt condolences to you (and the family). It's always surprising what a big impact our pets can have on us.

  4. It's very tough to lose a cherished member of the family.

    I recently went through that with my little "furball" a couple of months ago.

    Fortunately, I was there for him almost to the end.

    My condolences to you.

  5. Usha & Tamera,

    Thanks for those kind words. I'm glad I able to be there; it was very upsetting but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

  6. PB,

    No need to worry; I know you're not a heartless **!*!**. I've got the measure of you!! Besides I often makes jokes about things that are actually very important to me; hence all the gags about Tom Cruise.

  7. Georgie,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your cat too - it's pretty awful losing a pet, particularly if you've had it for a long time. Tigga's decline has been like a cloud hanging over me; I'm now hoping for a long period of less traumatic events. I feel in need of some peace and laughter... with no unexpected surprises.

  8. I hope that non-Cat-Persons reading this will not underestimate the comfort and fun a good furry feline (for I do cast aspersions upon hairless cats; it ain't natural) provides to your life. Alas, poor Tigga.... I lost my faithful Isil five years ago and still miss her.

    For you dog owners who scoff, allow me to point out that dogs like EVERYONE, whereas cats CHOOSE you.

    Dogs. Nasty beasts.

    Cats. Good.

  9. Hiya Mark,

    You know you are absolutely right cats do choose you - I never really thought about it that way. They're pretty clever animals; I reckon Little Miss Tigga had me sussed from the beginning as a real softie.

    I like dogs too though - well those with fluffy ears anyway - it's a girl thing.

  10. Jane, I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet (albeit from hell) cat. I love cats too and I know how hard it is to lose one of our furry friends.

  11. These creatures have a way of winding themselves around our hearts . They become members of the family and the pain when they die is as acute .

  12. Chris,

    Yes, those little furry creatures become very special and little Miss Tigga even though she was a nightmare held a lot memories too. I still have 2 cats Cleo (The vomiting cat) and Tash (The normal cat - Hurrah!) They're pretty old too - about 15 - but they're looking healthy so I've still got some feline company for a few more years.

    Mrs G,

    Yes you are right. Even though I'd read all the signs and braced myself for was worse than I expected.

    I haven't forgotten about that tag Mrs G - just a few things to do this week and as usual I've fallen behind. I need a housekeeper and a chauffeur and then I'd have plenty of time for writing. It ain't going to happen of course but the fantasy is good!

    Mr I,

    Thanks; the hug is appreciated.


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