Sunday, April 26, 2009

Music Monday; X rated!

The song I'm playing today is one of my favourites for getting into the groove and boy what a sexy little number it is! I'd like to think that I looked as good as the young ladies in this video but alas the curlers, pinny and 50 denier tights just don't have the same effect. Shame. But in my mind know...things are a lot better.....

Just a Little by Liberty X was released in 2001 when they were running high from their failure in the reality show Popstars. Yep ... that's failure. This is because the band comprised the five losing finalists. Bizarrely, the winning five contestants who landed a prized record contract went onto to abysmal failure after their intial popularity and sank without trace in about 18 months as the floptastic group Hear'Say. In contrast Liberty X stayed together until 2006 and although they have now officially separated continue to do the odd performance for charity.


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  1. Pierce Brosnan, eat your heart out! This looks like the opening clip for a Jane Bond film... if such a film existed. Although, with all that tight, black PVC and those chrome fasteners, Jane Bondage might be more appropriate. It'd be hell to iron that gear, don't you think?

  2. I understand the "X" rating. I'm still jealous about your trip to see J.Mraz! I'm not sure I'll get over it. (Whine)

  3. Simply Unique and Harriet,

    Thank you and welcome to My Witty Ways!


    Hmm... now do you iron PVC? I reckon it's such a tight fit that merely pulling it on gets rid of all the creases! I'm also thinking PVC might actually melt.....

    A film entitled Jane Bondage? Hmm... I like it! (No need to guess why!) Have you been over to my other site again?!

    Mr I,

    Now, now no need to be jealous! I know you've seen loads more superstars than me! But JM was pretty special; I've now got 2 Cds and they're are both top notch. In fact I'm playing Mr A-Z right it!

    Now no whining please! It's so unpleasant in a man - unless, you know, it's at the appropiate moment.... (giggles)

  4. An appropriate moment??? You do mean with cheese right? As in Wine and cheese? Maybe a few grapes..

  5. Oh and cheese...absolutely. No other thought had crossed my mind at all except a large Danish Blue and a couple of nice crackers.

  6. Nice to hear your appetite is nice and healthy... I'm sure it's the tennis and the fresh air. (smile)


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