Monday, April 6, 2009

Music Monday; Magical Mraz

Last night I took into trip into London to the Hammersmith Apollo to see the very talented Jason Mraz whose star is on the rise in the UK. I discovered his music a few months back over at Intrepid Ideas and I've been hooked ever since. Jason's style is jazz, soul and funk all mixed together - I love it! His songs are mainly happy songs about love, mostly with an upbeat tempo but some ballads too. Fortunately, I discovered Jason before his current release "I'm Yours" made it into the charts over here and I was able to get a ticket. Yippee for me!

He can do some amazing things with his voice, including singing very high notes. I don't why I've always found that quite appealing in men which is why I'm attracted to singers like Daniel Bedingfield, Justin Timberlake and James Blunt. But I have to say Jason outclasses them vocally. He also has a very lithe body and although he doesn't dance much in his performance his movements reminded me of Marcel Marceau. I bet he could moonwalk as good as Michael Jackson any day!

Here's his current UK hit I'm Yours which is going to be the start of something big!

Here's the song he ended on...Butterfly

Oh what the heck- it's my blog, I'm gonna indulge myself and this time not with chocolate! Here's O Lover

Somebody chuck some water over me!

Why didn't I buy a mobile phones that zooms in?

The figures lit up in the centre are Jason's brass section, thrilling the audience in the circle seats.

Jason with arms aloft trying to catch a large pair of granny knickers flying from the circle...damn it... it was chilly on the way home....

Here's a review of last night's performance at The Times online

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  1. WOW! A whole concert over here at Mrs. T's blog!

    I saw Jason in Twit Pics with some of the professional women golfers back stage. You do twitter, no??

    Thanks for the great songs. Do you have some coffee I can borrow? I do not want to go shopping and since you live across the hall I thought maybe you might have some extra.

    Please post on the meaning of life for old Speedy, K ???
    If you do I will reciprocate and say lots of nice things about you, even though you play your stereo way to load all night long (Jason Mraz every time)

  2. Hiya Speedy!

    Unfortunately I don't do twitter although I know it's catching on big time - I get distracted enough without tuning into Twitter. Sacrifices have to be made to keep my house clean you know!

    Well of course you can borrow some coffee! I'll send it airmail with some cookies!

    You want me to post on the meaning of life? That's an interesting challenge! I'll add it to my list and let you know when I've done it - I've got to do a post on grout first. Yes - grout. the stuff between tiles.... don't ask!

  3. The meaning of life is "GROUT" ???

    No way Mrs Turley ... you are SO silly!!

    Thanks for the coffee :-)

  4. Dynamic performer and great songs -- thanks for that, Mrs T. We finally have a clear overlap in musical tastes. Didn't think it was ever going to happen with all those Boy Bands you kept plugging.

    Glad you had a good time at Hammersmith and so very pleased there was no frost last night.

  5. No, no no Speedy! The meaning of life is not grout - it's chocolate - I thought you knew that! But yes I am silly.... on that subject you are correct!


    Well I'm not really a boy band fan; it just worked out that way those posts. Most of the boy bands make pleasant enough tunes for easy listening but that's about it. But Jason is in another league!

    A very subtle joke there PB..and a very good one too! Have you any humorous short stories planned?? I'm sure the shower must be the place for humour stories....

  6. Humour in the shower? Well it helps. Think the muses cover their eyes before they join me too!

  7. Damn why must the granny knickers always pop up from nowhere ?

  8. PB,

    Personally I always go in the shower with one of those lovely little plastic shower caps on - puts me in a humorous mood straight away. Especially if I happened to glance in the mirror on the way.....

    Mrs G,

    I just don't know Mrs G - but those knickers just seem to follow me everywhere!


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