Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If you're not the one

Well there I was talking about Daniel Bedingfield on Monday and then his song, If you're not the one popped up on the radio this morning. I've got his CD with this song on it anyway but I've not heard it for for a while on the radio. At the moment the radio is suffering from an overdose of Beyonce's If I were a boy which, very possibly, may drive me to complete insanity if I hear it just one more time. In fact, even the young masters nearly threw themselves out the car windows onto the duel carriageway the other day when we'd heard it for about the fourth time in one day. The local DJ is obviously obsessed with the song but I reckon he should watch out in case some nutty fruitcake housewife rings up the station uttering the words "Play Misty for me."
Know what I mean?

Anyway, here's Daniel Bedingfield with his beautiful song If you're not the one.

Well I guess we might as well listen by Daniel's sis Natasha. Here's Unwritten

What a talented duo. They remind me how spectacular my sister and my two brothers and I were at singing. In fact, I think if we'd held our act together I think we could have wiped the floor with The Osmonds. Our vocal harmonies had to be heard to be believed. Here's the lyrics to our favourite tune that we used to wow our parents with...

Run rabbit run, run, run, run
Here comes the farmer with his gun, gun, gun
Time flies by without a rabbit pie
Run rabbit run, run run, run

Boy, we were dynamite!


  1. That rabbit song- Sounds extremely interesting. Who wrote the lyrics? I wish you had posted an audio file.

  2. Do you know I've no idea who wrote it Usha - it's an old song/rhyme that's been about for years.

    Hmm..that's the second request I've had for an audio file! Mewie thinks I should be doing podcasts! Personally, I don't think the world is ready for Mrs T's voice - let alone my singing!

  3. That Daniel Bedingfield song is lovely . The rabbit song reminds me of a song I learnt in nursery school - a bit grim for 5 year olds - went like this

    In a forest , in a wood
    A little deer by the window stood
    Saw a rabbit running by
    Chased by the dogs
    Help me help me help me , it said
    All the hunters'll shoot me dead
    Poor little rabbit come to me
    Happy we shall be

    Of course there's no record as to whether both rabbit and deer lived happily ever after .Unlikely.
    Oh your comment moderation says "pless" very primly.

  4. Mrs G that rhyme is almost as bad as mine although it does have deeper poetic undertones and stunning imagery... ( you smell something whiffy in the air?) Okay, let's stick to Daniel Bedingfield - WOW!

    In a forest, in a wood
    Mrs T, by Daniel stood,
    Saw her knickers in a flash
    Off he sprinted, in a dash
    Help me, help me, help me he said
    Before I lose all my street cred!
    As Mrs T may capture me
    And serve me up for her tea!

    Yeah, almost as bad as my previous poem....better check back in tomorrow....


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