Friday, April 28, 2017

W is for Why and Writing

When my children were small "why" was a word which cropped all the time at the beginning of sentences. "Why" would often proceed moments of amusement and laughter when I was forced to explain all sorts of weird and wonderful topics.

When I was a teenager, and I wondered how the world worked and was searching for those answers I often ask myself "why" questions. More often than not, I couldn't come up with answers about religion or existence or even about algebra but, eventually, I developed my own thoughts on life and accepted this life for what it is. I learnt that when it comes to philosophy, you don't always have to have the answer but sometimes contemplating issues give you a better perspective and appreciation of life.

Now, as I move through middle-age towards inevitable death, I wonder "Why" my life is turning out as it is.

I have some answers to some of my questions and for others, I don't. Those unanswered questions are difficult to lay to rest.

But somehow I must let them go. Hopefully, writing will be my cure.


  1. Those why questions used to drive me crazy!!

  2. My eldest son was a "why" child. Used to drive me nuts. If the answer to a question is not going to serve a purpose you should definitely let it go and definitely keep writing :)

  3. I haven't done much writing lately but, whenever I have, just the process seems to help make sense of stuff. It's as if, once aired, all the unknowables seem ... contained and finite. At least, they do until more stuff/life/problems pile in.


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