Thursday, February 19, 2009

Singing in style

Yep, if you read my 100th post you'll know I 've as much chance of winning the X factor as Gordon Brown has at winning the next election. Zero.

But I certainly enjoy listening to those who can sing and yesterday one of my current favourites the Welsh singer Duffy picked up 3 gongs at the Brit Awards, the Bristish Rock and Pop awards. At the end of the evening she came away with Best Breakthrough Act, Best Female Solo Artist and Best Album for Rockferry.

She has quite a unique sounding voice and with a her welsh lilt she's a pleasure to listen to. Here she is performing Warwick Avenue live at The Brits....



  1. I say 'well done, Duffy!' Just one thing. She was complaining that success hasn't been instant, as some were alleging, and that in fact she had spent at least a year in dives (the implication) playing to 'old ladies'!

  2. What you saying Mrs B?? That Mrs T is old lady?? I'll have you know I'm extremely nimble and agile!

    Yeah, these new electric wheelchairs are just great. In fact they're so fast Top Gear will soon be having "Grannies in reasonably priced wheelchairs" zooming around Gambon corner.....

  3. Yeah, a powerful and interesting voice. I like the raw edge it has to it. You're introducing me to aspects of life in the UK I've otherwise lost touch with, so thanks, Mrs T.

    PS. Enjoyed your review over at TVFH very much. Distinctive and powerful style in this too. Nice one.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying my posts PB (even the non silly ones) There are so many things to blog about but just not enough time....

    Hee, hee, hee it was quite a naughty review wasn't it? I do hope the lovely Ian doesn't read it... But since he's made a whole career out of cynicism etc he could hardly complain!

  5. Count me in. I'm a big fan. I didn't see the brits, but last picture I saw of Duffy she looked thinner than on that first video. Shame about that, because she looked more attractive the way she was. But who's going to believe that in the pop world? Not Posh.

  6. If that turd Brown wins the next and you are having a chat about how you just jinxed me by saying he wont win.

  7. Gary,

    Yeah , Posh used to look great when she was in The Spice Girls now she just looks emaciated. Of course I champion curvy ladies - in the Renaissance I would have been a prize possession!


    Unless Brown can turn around the economic climate in less than a year his cards must surely be marked. Maybe Labour will dump him and go for a new guy - no one really likes a back stabber anyway. (Think Heseltine)

    So you wanna fight with me then if Brown gets in? I'm warning you now Master Sy, my big botty comes in very handy when I play dirty! I squash pumpkins for a party piece! A mere mortal would be no trouble at all!

  8. I'm sorry...for a second there, I thought you referred to me as a "mere mortal". Why would you do that Mrs T? WHY!?!? I am guessing it was a momentary lapse of concentration...

  9. I apologise Master Sy. But I think I should warn you that not even The Gods are immune from Mrs T's botty!

  10. I guess that explains the green have over leighton buzzard recently. When I heard someone had eaten all the beans...well...I will be honest, I had hoped it was mad Jack the farting sparrow.


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