Monday, February 9, 2009

Music Mondays; Mary's Prayer

Well I'm way behind with almost everything at the moment as the young masters were off school for four days last week with school closures and now more heavy snow is expected tonight. NO, NO, NO! It's a conspiracy to drive me bananas!

Hmm, okay. I may already be bananas. But let's face it I can't afford to get any worse. I don't want my relatives contesting my will when they discover I've left all my worldly goods to Britt Allcroft.

You may question why I would want to leave my assets to Britt Allcroft. But, hey it just tickled my fancy at the idea of the young masters discovering it when I snuff it. Revenge is kinda sweet isn't it?

So it's going to be quick(ish) posts this week. Here's an all time favourite song of mine from 1987 by the group Danny Wilson. It's a song which I feel has that rare ability to be both sad and happy at the same time.

And it always makes me think affectionately of my sister.

Ps The lunacy is coming later in the week! The next post is Mrs T's 100th! Bad luck world!

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  1. More snow??? You gotta be kidding me. Something's gone wrong. Good luck with it. Nice song choice. I actually remember this one - It's a Happy song! Can't wait to see what you have in store for post number 100!

  2. Terrific!!! This was in one of my favorite comedies too ((smile))

    How you been, Jane?? I brought you some cookies

  3. Mr I,

    Yes,snow all last week, the fields are still covered and driving is treacherous (Yeah, okay not enough snow ploughs and grit - you win - unoffically that is!)

    Well I suppose it is more happy and reflective than sad... must be those hormones playing up again!

    Ah yes my 100th post ...what shall I do?!

    Speedy Baby!

    Mmmm... me likey cookies!! So good with chicken nuggets.....

    I shall have to do something for chicken Tuesday sometime. Too much on this week, maybe next.


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