Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MY 100th POST !!

Well this in the 100th post here on my blog The Witty Ways of Wayward Wife. So for all my loyal readers who have been curious to find out some of my more intimate details which I’ve kept under wraps here’s some absolutely fascinating and riveting facts about me. It should give you huge insight into the mind of the Housewife Extraordinaire.

Here we go;

1. As a teenager I once bought a pair of bright green trousers with large leaves on them. On showcasing them to my parents, my father looked slowly over the top of his glasses, put his hand his pocket and pulled out a ten pound note and handed it to me. He said nothing; words were not necessary.

2. I used to play a clarinet until some told me you were meant to make music with it.

3. I used to play the guitar …until someone told me you were meant to make music with it.

4. I declined to learn the piano… on the basis that someone might tell me that I should be making music with it

5. I used to have singing lessons; the teacher’s dog used to sit outside the room and howl. In fact, when it saw me coming up the path it used to try and throw itself out of the upstairs window. My teacher loved her dog and begged me stop. I quit but I heard the dog “disappeared” shortly afterwards. Strange.

6. I used to have acting lessons and aspired to be an actress. These days I just aspire to keep my sanity. People look at me strangely believing I am talking to myself; I’m actually rehearsing for my next play “Confessions of Housewife Superstar” The opening line is “Oh God it’s burning…..”

7. When Master Jacob was a baby I walked down a street unintentionally showing of one of my boobs. (I’d forgotten I’d been breast feeding – that’s motherhood for you.) Still, I felt kinda good for a while believing blokes were looking at me cos I was still one hot chick. The reality was I looked like I’d just been released from a mental institution. (5 hours in a car with 2 kids = madness = boobs hanging out and hair standing on end.)

8. My boys have been playing tennis since they were little and I’ve witnessed some gross pushy parents and horrendous cheating. Last year I finally blew my top and told one pushy parent to get off court in no uncertain terms. She was escorted off the court and I was escorted to the police station.

9. I failed my German O level; this has dramatically hindered my plan to take over the world. However, it has resulted it a life long fascination with frankfurters. See my post here.

10. I failed my maths O level 3 times. This has (luckily) prevented me from achieving Mr T’s budget shopping requirements. (When a woman reaches a certain age she realises kitchen roll is not a suitable substitute for toilet roll.) I feel sorry for Catherine Zeta Jones having to use the dregs from Michael’s beer glass and the scrapings from the honey jar to wash her hair. I guess that’s what happens when you marry a guy who is really, really old. Still, I guess they don’t have to worry about using condoms; I expect a paper clip would do the trick nicely.

11. 3 years ago, I took a university maths course and passed with 86%. It’s official; I can now count to 20.

15. I am a safe and diligent driver and have never crashed my car

16. I have a tendency to lie under extreme pressure.

17. I haven’t been outside the UK for 35 years. This year I plan to do something a little different; I thought I’d try swimming across the Channel. I’ve been building up my fat stores and I think I might just be able to do it. I intend to race Richard Branson in his new yacht Virgin’ on a Bighead.

18.I have telepathic powers and can see into the future. I foresee that Richard’s Branson’s yacht will develop a “sinking problem” about a mile out to sea. I also foresee that all his life jackets will be missing.

19. I was raised as a Catholic – some might say that explains a lot. It doesn’t. Although it may explain why nothing I bake ever rises. It may also explain my aversion to long black skirts unless their worn by Keanu Reeves (as in The Matrix.) Which leads me to ask the question; when are they going to do kickboxing at Sunday school? You know, staffs are just not good enough for self defence these days.

19. As a child I had Irish Red Setter whom I adored called Rupee Bear. Well he had some posh pedigree name but that kinda suited him better. He did all these amazing things like sit, lie down, shake paws, steal stuff off the table, off the cooker, chew the bed covers, slippers and anything that took his fancy. He also used to run off up into the woods and roll in cow’s muck. Then I would give him a shampoo and set; he absolutely loved having a blow dry. I guess it was like having one of those dollies little girls have today – only he didn’t wear a nappy and **** on command.

20. I also had a budgerigar who had the exciting name of “Budgie”. I feel this explains why I’m just a plain Jane. I plan to write a best selling book entitled Budgie The Budgerigar followed by the sequels Puppy the Dog, Pussy the Cat and Ass the Donkey. I feel sure they will be instant best sellers.

21.I have size 5.5 feet. Master Jacob who is 10 has size 5. Later in the year I will be able to wear his football boots and he will be able to wear my stilettos. Hmm. Interesting.

I must now interrupt this post to report that Cleo the Vomiting Cat has just thrown up in the hallway.

I must also report that Tigga the Beelzebub Cat has just sampled it.

I feel sick.

Anyhow, I would like to finish with congratulatory telegrams I received today

HRH Queen Elizabeth II;

“My dear Mrs T, you are credit to my country; a noble woman of sophistication, charm and dignity. I confer upon you my highest award; The Order of the British Housewife. (Also, as requested I have dispatched under separate cover the key to The Tower so that you may confine Mr Cruise as per instructions. I will leave the gates open.Yours, Queenie.")

Mr Pierce Brosnan;

“ My Darling Mrs T, Thank you so much for your contribution to my continuing global success and for never taking the mickey out of me for my appalling singing in Mamma Mia. Love and kisses, Piercey Babes. Ps, See you later Honey XXX."

Mr Barack Obama,

Hey baby, between you and me, I’ve been reading your blog and you are one hot groovy chick. Get down to my place; I’m doing a Clinton tonight. Hugs, Obi Wan Obama.”

Dame Judy Dench

“The job is yours Mrs T. I’m way too old to be looking at Daniel. He can’t act but boy is his arse good. See you at the club, Rudy Judy”

Mrs Margaret Thatcher

“If only you had been my foreign secretary Mrs T instead of Hurd the Turd, I feel we would have conquered the world together! Congratulations on your achievement. (Btw that David is a charmer. Last night when we were at the Common’s bar he told me he was going to have a stiff one. I haven’t felt so good for years.) See you later, Mags.”

And my good friend Master Sy,

"Mrs T, I have followed your progress since you were a fledgling straight jacket wearing nutcase through to housewife extraordinaire. It has been a marvellous journey filled with signs of insanity (Pierce "Dodgy TV Ad" Brosnan) all the way to signs of genius (mentioning me in your posts). My congratulations on reaching 100. You don’t even look 37."

Please feel free to leave me your own congratulatory telegram!

Copyright Jane Turley The Housewife Extraordinaire 2009


  1. I should guess that comment 11 explains 12, 13 and 14.

    Now. Put the breasty dumpling away and lets talk about ME!! WOOF!

  2. You are correct indeed Master Sy.

    I see you are in a Lord Flasheart mood. So be it my Lord!!

    Knickers away!

    Woof Woof!

  3. And you didnt think we would notice!!

    You should treat your blog like you treat your woman. Check on it several times a day and when you are bored, go find a new one.


  4. It was one of my more subtle jokes Master Sy. I did wonder if anyone would spot it!

    So that's what you do on night shift Master Sy? Search the blogosphere for poor young defenceless female bloggers to seduce with your wit and repartee.

    How come you always end up here with the old bag?!

    Although that said, I do have many redeeming features... my cooking skills for example... My sexy talk, you fluffy desirable hamster ...

    Squeak, squeak....

  5. OK, at least 40% of that list made me feel all tingly down South, and I'm sure this was your intention.

    So in dedication to your 100th post, I spanked myself 200 times. It's Cyc math, just go with it (pant).

  6. Congratatulations Mrs T. This is a splendiforous accomplishment.

    A recent study I read states that being raised Catholic commonly leaves a developing child mathmatically and musicaly impaired! Therefore you must take solace in the fact that your inadequacies as stated are in fact the fault of the Roman Catholic Church . As it appears your readying your son to transgender or 'go in drag' at the least it's apparent you'll be 'going to hell' for said transgression so it really doesn't matter much if you can play or add anyway ,now does it?
    Regardless of your self admitted failings it seems you've risen above (no pun intended) your
    religously truncated existence
    and drawn the attention of world leaders and movie stars alike.

    Thus allowing me, a lowly plebian to cast my lot in words with a cavalcade of luminaries.

    For this i thank you..
    oh ,and did I say congratulations?



  7. As they say in the southern United States - "Why Miss Jane, you do go on." And that's exactly what I thought you were going to do. Go on to 100. I was enjoying the education. Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep coming back until I get all of the information I need from you to have you committed. :) You are witty you know?

    Good one on # 15:

    15. I am a safe and diligent driver and have never crashed my car
    (some of us know the truth)

    followed by #16.

    All the same, congratulations on your 100th post. May you live long, prosper, Blog, and continue to make us smile!


  8. Clever girl aren't you?
    Able to keep count of your 100th post!

    Given my even poorluck in maths, I dropped off as I couldn't bring myself to count beyond 18 (that being my official age).

    Congrats. Party hard and party now Missus T.

    And remember to do all the nasty things I would if I could.

  9. Yes, strange that the dog 'disappeared' AFTER you stopped singing ...

    Congratulatory Telegram:

    You are totally outrageous/a credit to housewives everywhere. Please keep those blogs coming then I have the perfect excuse not to write anything myself!!!!

  10. The more I search for the poor defenceless female bloggers...the more I dont find anything. It's hard being as unintelligent as I am as I keep finding all these intelligent types. So I come back to my favourite internet totty...good ol' Mrs T.

    Now...lets talk about my flufy desirable hamster...

  11. Majase,

    I'm worried about you. 40% of my post made you tingly down South?? As we would say in the UK (Master Sy will confirm) OO Ah Mrs!! (Yep, it counds gibberish - cos it is - Ssmething we Brits are uncommonly good at.)All I can say is - Blimey, that wasn't even my fruity stuff, you better keep calling back; it could be 40% and rising...

    Cyc math sounds good though. I need to try that out some time - basically double the quanities of everything? Right, I'll start with the pantry.....

  12. Ah Eddie,

    Yes it's truly amazing that a girl from such humble origins as I could have risen from such lowly status to mix with royalty and global superstars. Astounding!(Although it's possible I may burn in hell as a result.)

    I thank you for your congratulatory wishes!

    Mrs T, your humble servant and supreme global Housewife Extraordinaire, O B H.

  13. Mr I,

    Yes I do go on - it's a bad habit I know. In fact had the cats not interrupted my chain of thought (That did actually happen!) I may have carried on longer - but by the time I'd gone through horror/queasiness/laughter at what had occured when I turned back to the pc something else had entered my head. That's the way it goes!

    Guess you'll have to wait a little longer to have me committed eh?!

    Ps, Is that funny ha ha or funny peculiar?!

  14. Hello Maami!

    Well yes.. I did slightly cheat as it does tell you on the Blogger posts exactly how many you've published ..otherwise I feel there's a distinct possibility I may not have got passed 12!

    I like the sound of partying hard. However, I fear that without my hearing aid I will hear nothing!

    Master Sy,

    I'm sorry are you implying I'm thick???????????

    Oh okay then... How is the little furry creature today? Has he had his nibbles? Or has he caught he little bitsy witsy in his whirly wheelie and given himself thrilly willy?

  15. Congratulations on hitting post #100!

    Couldn't happen to a better person.

  16. Wow, Jane! A subtle maths joke!! I am so impressed. I can barely count to five.

    Congratulations on this wonderful [for all of us :)] achievement!!

    My blog anniversary is...gasp...TOMORROW!!! Oooh, I must go prepare an amusing yet erudite celebratory post.

    Ta ta for now you witty wayward thing you!!

  17. Well Marie I thank you for your kind wishes. I shall be over tomorrow to reciprocate!

    I certainly hope you manage to produce a post "an amusing yet erudite post"...alas my own post shows a distinct lack of intellect....

    Oh you mean the 86% in my maths?!

    Ah, but it was just a trifle my dear Marie...just dabbling around, filling in my spare time in between the household know how it is.....

    (Files fingernails, tweaks hair)

    What shall I do next? Physics? chemistry? Biology?

    Hmm.. let me see... I think.... Home Economics!

    At least now I can work out the proportional measurements.....

  18. Yayyyyyyyy! let's party!
    I have loved every one of your 100(?)- now that is too large a number for me, I haven't get past single digits- posts and this is the icing on the cake. I went from smile to giggle to guffaw and had to lift myself from the floor ( at my age it takes a lot of effort to do that)to type that. But the effort was worth it for an occasion like this!

  19. I began reading this, thinking I'd note down the funniest ones in order. I stopped at four as 1,2,3 and 4 were my fav so far.

    Telegram, hilarious, who needs Germans for world domination?

  20. Cacking myself laughing here in the hallway, Jane, and so glad I don't have a cat. At least your cats know how to keep the Whiskas bill to a minimum.

  21. Oh, I'm late in catching this post. Congratulations, Dear Jane! You just started my day,laughing...fantastic.
    A fellow mother, #7 was just perfect! God, I laughed...

    Take care, and keep those posts coming!

  22. Oh Mrs T has fallen behind whilst indulging herself in the delights of childcare......


    I thank you kind sir!


    Yes, it's been a rip roaring rollercoaster of a ride! The bad news is there's a whole load more of gibberish to come yet! thanks for sticking with me!


    Yeah, world domination! I gonna enlist George Bush as my sidekick then we can do a double act. Only I'll be the straight man.....


    What can I say those cats drive me bonkers! next time I get a carpet it's going to dark brown with swirls on it.... gotta save on the cleaning somehow.....

    Tamera! Hey, it's good to see you back in town!

    Glad you enjoyed the post - You know I just wasn't cut out for this motherhood lark; I just hope the boys will remember me when I'm old - and possibly forgive me:)

  23. Alas Jane, so much for erudite. I fell back upon LOLCats, which, personally, I find hilarious.


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