Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pancakes by celebrity chef in training, Mrs T.

Many of you will know that yesterday was Shrove Tueday, more commonly known as Pancake day which precedes the start of Lent in the Christian calender.

Regrettably, this means that I have to attempt to cook "pancakes" for the young masters. What's more they like to watch me which means I have to pretend to have a degree of proficiency which is clearly not an ideal situation.

But anyway I did it. And just for you folks out there who aren't familiar with the routine of pancake making. Here's how to do it.

1. Assemble your ingredients.

Oh come on - you didn't really expect me to make them without the aid of a packet mix did you?

2.Okay - put the contents of the packet mix in a bowl. Add one medium egg (chicken) and 17 fluid ounces of water. (Tap)

3.Beat the mixture. I use a hand whisk - because I don't have an electric one.

4.Put the resulting mixture into a heated pan. Try not to dribble the batter everywhere. I kept my hob spotless! Also, I suggest using a little oil in the pan otherwise the pancake may stick to the bottom. Not that I would know anything about that. I'm just guessing.

Well, not quite spotless....

5. Toss. (The pancake.)

6.Remove from ceiling.

7. Serve delicately on a plate in the style of a celebrity chef.(Huge plate, small amount of food - if the pancake looks too big cut off the burnt bits.)

8. Sprinkle with sugar and add any extras. ( I recommend lemon, golden syrup, maple syrup or any other tasty stuff.)

9. Present your child with a wonderful home made pancake!

What could go wrong?

Ummm.... Master Benedict threw up most of the night and this morning. Now I'm convinced it was not my pancake because Master Jacob and Master Sam were perfectly fine. However, Master Benedict did not agree.

" Your pancake made me sick."

" No it didn't."

"Yes, it did"

"Ooooooh no it didn't."

"Oooooooh yes it did."

"OOOooooooh no it didn't!"

"OOOooooooh yes it did!"

"Oh all right then....." (Tears well in Mrs T's eyes.)

" See, it's your fault! Next year I want to go to MacDonalds!!"

Poor, poor Mrs T.

Anyway, as a Pancake day special treat here's a piccy of me on my 19th birthday tossing pancakes.

Blimey, I was a stunner! (Ps - fashion has never been my strong point -No comments please.)

Ps. Subsequently to this post, Master Jacob developed a problem at the rear end. Oh dear. But the good news is Master Sam is still well!


  1. Thank you for the recipe Jane!
    I followed it to the T ( no pun intended) and realised what might have been the cause of master Benedict's sickness- The pancake might have picked up stuff from the ceiling from which it was retrieved. At least that is how I fell sick!!
    Now please enlighten me on the mysteries of the cinnamon pancake please.
    The pic is awesome. Tell me the one in your hand - is that THE weapon that features prominently in all your delightful stories?

  2. Hi Jane
    I hope that's not true - poor Bene! You better build him up before Saturday's match or we'll miss out on some goals/saves! You should have cheated like me, I buy ready made pancakes and stick 'em in the microwave - Jamie loves them - in fact, that's his latest fad - 2 pancakes with jam for breakfast. However, to make myself feel better, he'll make some real pancakes by following the recipe in his Children's Cookbook which I purchased from the Book Club at work (shall I get you a copy?). My way of teaching him to cook (and learning something myself for once instead of buying ready meals!). What's that you say, child slave labour - no, I just figure that if I get him to cook dinner, he might actually eat it, instead of turning his nose up at everything I put in front of him!!

    Bye for now.

  3. What an absolute nightmare. Not only do you go to all that trouble but then the young masters start being ill. It really is too much to bear.

    I have to say, though, that I nearly stopped reading this post when I got to the 'I kept my hob spotless!' bit. I thought you were no longer my 'partner-in-crime' but had gone over to 'The Other Side' (the world of celebrity chefs). How wrong I was. Phew!

  4. Initially, I thought it was a picture of you wearing the pancake as a mask, which, as part of the Mardi Gras tradition, is quite normal. However, if this is the sort of thing you regularly do on your birthday then you may need therapy. Either that or, at the very least, to tear some holes for eyes next time.

  5. Alas Usha, I can tell you nothing about cinnamon pancakes! That sounds way too complicated to me! Although I'm guessing at some point you add cinnamon? Right?

    Ah, no that isn't THE frying pan as Mrs T has got through several frying pans in her career as expert chef. Do you not recall that one encountered a problem with some pizza packaging last year and Mr T threw it out?! This particular one is only a few months old so I expect to last at least another year before it encounters any severe problems.... when I think I might replace it with a Le Crueset.....

  6. Lynda, Lynda, Lynda! What an excellent idea! I should get the masters to make their own food!

    Of course, you realise I might be sacked then and turfed out onto the streets...

    I'm afraid it is true Master Ben has been off 3 days, Master Jacob 2 ..and now Master Sam (Although I think there's a strong chance he's faking it....)Not sure if we'll make it to Footie yet and Ben has yet to have a proper meal and could be a little tired.... I@m looking forward to when peace reigns again next week!

  7. Mrs B,

    You should know me better by now! Tis impossible for Mrs T to keep her kitchen clean tis too small for a family of 5 with 3 cats. And as for the hallway - with all the shoes in it, it is like an obstacle course just getting to the front door!


    Oh Come on! You're having me on about pancakes as masks for Mardis Gras!! Very funny though!

    I don't need therapy.(It costs too much) so I guess I'll take the making the holes for eyes option...

    Um... How much is the therapy?


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