Monday, February 2, 2009

Music Mondays; It's snowing!

Hey, it snowing!

Here's a few piccys;

The view from our village green looking towards the nearby hills.

Master Ben goes sledging. Boy, is that kid trouble. Can't you just tell?

The village church.

I think we ought to hear something with a snowy feel this morning. So here's the wonderful Snow Patrol with Chasing Cars;

And if you're interested here's a short clip of London in the snow early this morning!

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  1. Part-timers! I'll have you know we had school and work (in London) as usual today!
    It was strangely quiet in the city though, with a snowman on every corner.

  2. Exactly what I said to Mr T! He really ought to make a more concerted effort to get to work! (So I can blog in peace and not clean obviously).

    L/M and C were closed but I think S/C was open but as Master B blubbed his little heart out when his school wasn't announced on the radio I relented...

    And you know I really cannot afford another crash..... not if I want to live anyway....

  3. Oh, Jane, he is sooo cute. He looks like you!

    And thank God Almighty I NEVER AGAIN have to deal with snow suits, boots, gloves, hats, i want to come in, i want to go out, i want hot chocolate, where are the marshmallows, i have to go to the bathroom, boo hoo hoo he threw a snowball at me, i did not i was throwing it at the tree....

    I'm free, free, free!!!!

  4. As always, great choices... Thanks for the blog tips Miss Jane. Smooch! Stay warm and dry in all of that snow!

  5. How comes Mrs T was not shown cupping a snowmans...erm...hat? Huh? Why you hiding there Mrs T. We should see you being attacked by the young masters!

  6. Marie,

    Lovely to see you here my friend! I shall be responding to your email asap...

    Yes, Master Ben does look like me; stunningly good looking and drop dead gorgeous of course;)

    I can't wait to be FREEEEEEEEEEE!! Of course I adore the young masters but know...sometimes I just want to go to the loo by myself...

    Mr I, I will try and stay warm and dry although that can be diffcult when your bottom is being used for target practice. Smooches to you too!

    Master Sy,

    I have reached a certain age where I try to maintain some dignity... being captured on film would not help. Believe me.

    Besides my camera doesn't do widescreen.

  7. Beautiful pictures, Mrs. T! In Silicon Valley, CA USA, it doesn't snow here at all. We are spoiled with 40 degrees at the coldest (and that's rare). I used to live in NY where it snowed quite a bit... I'm now feeling nostalgic. =)

    Great to keep in touch. I hope to visit more often!

  8. Hi Mrs. T,

    The church looks so beautiful! :) and Master Ben looks like he's having the time of his life! LOL!

    As for Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, I just absolutely love that song. It's a wonderful choice of song and a great tie-in to your post. :)

  9. I've been following the snow with interest, Mrs T. I do enjoy looking at pics of a snow-covered London in particular. I enjoyed your music selection too this week -- thanks.

  10. Just testing to make sure I'm not barred after our chats yesterday! Nice pics.

  11. Hiya Mewie!

    Lovely to see you again! And I like your new icon - just right for my young American friend. (Blimey, I love that word "Young"..don't feel so good about "old" though and even worse about "decrepid".... ) Well, it will be great to see you around more often and some more of your special Mewie style thought provoking posts please!

    Hiya Shemah,

    Oh that Master Benedict he is a handful! I can only imagine what he'll be like at 16...but I'm putting on my bullet proof vest now.

    Yep, Chasing Cars is a great song. Have you heard the Leona Lewis version of their song Run? It's a huge, huge, hit over here and deservedly so.

  12. Paul,

    More snow forecast tomorrow; I'd like to say I'm happy but.... NOOOOOOOOO! I need peace from the young masters and Mr T!!! How can I do my stuff with them all around? It's like being trapped in a small room with a herd of elephants.....

    Of course not Gary!! Anybody who can write a novel with that word in the title (which we won't mention) will always be welcome at Mrs T's place.

    Ps.. It's a DIY manual for building chicken coops isn't it?


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