Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Ladies' Friendship Award

Well I mentioned a while back, that I was instigating my own blogging awards of which The More Bonkers than Bush award was the first. Just to remind you the recipients were Speedcat Hollydale and Master Sy of The Wheel is Turning but The Hamster Plays Dead ( because he's too tired for sex- again.)

Now let me introduce my second award; it's called The Ladies' Friendship Award. Now there are no rules or anything with this award; do with it what you will! Pass it on, ignore it or as in my case use it as a screen saver and dribble over it. Here it is...

Ooh Pierce is just so sweet and innocent looking; I'm sure he never gets into any trouble!

Now in pole position for this award is Usha for sending me this little New Year Ditty;

There was a droolable man called Pierce
For whom two ladies fought fierce
They never settled quite
For whom he was right
Those silly quarrelsome old dears

Excellent, excellent Usha. But where's the second verse detailing the rolling pins and the mud wrestling?

However, I also confer this award on ALL my lady friends on my blogroll and on blogcatalog and indeed all ladies the world over who respect the lovely Pierce for his fine acting abilities. (Cough, cough.) A special mention to Tamera, Eve's Lungs, Hill Grandmum and Onedia for following this blog from its early days. Thank you!

Now currently under development is The Male Friendship Award; all suggestions for suitable accompanying illustrations will be gratefully received. I will naturally give them careful consideration whilst getting plastered drinking martini (shaken not stirred) and painting my toenails.

On a final note, the new Doctor Who has just been announced. It is 26 year old Matt Smith;


Now, am I right? Isn't 26 just too young to play Dr Who? Peter Davison (also of All Creatures Great and Small was the previous youngest doctor at 29) was a complete disaster. More mature ladies like myself, Mrs A, Mrs M and all indeed ladies of my acquaintance prefer an older Doctor Who. At the moment Mrs T predicts sales of the 2010 Dr Who Annual will drop dramatically.

What say you readers? Will the new Timelord prove capable with his sonic screwdriver or will he just get lost in his tardis looking for his nappies? Let's have your thoughts!

Copyright Jane Turley 2009


  1. I'm so glad to see that you are as mad as ever, JT! Love the site.

    Yes, That Mr Brosnan is a bit of a dish, even I fancy him.

    And a 26 year old nobody with milk bottle white skin playing the new Doctor Who is enough to send me into convulsions. Noooooo BBC! I shall turn off in disgust. It needed someone famous and charismatic to take the helm, not a spitty oik fresh out of RADA

    I shall return

  2. Ooh I love this award - its going to look great on my sidebar . Why , my dear Mrs T , I do believe I'm being drawn into the PB net :P

  3. Hahahah. Thanks for mentioning my silly limerick. And doesn't pierce look so dribblable. I am making a few copies of this card to make a quilt out of them!! I am thankful to this blog for giving me such a lovely friend.
    Oh BTW, when are we seeing that clASSy card you had promised us?

  4. Well I do believe Dear Floogie has returned! Hurrah!( Mrs T dances around Limpy the Laptop in joyful abandon causing streams cobwebs to cascade from the ceiling, cracks in the plaster and minor fluctuations on the Richter scale....)

    You are quite right Floogie, every man, woman and child should fancy the lovely Pierce! Statues should be built in his honour, flags flown from the highest mountains and small delicious Walther PPK shaped chocolates manufactured in his honour!

    My sentiments exactly Floogie; the poor lad needs more training in Eastenders and Casualty (btw that's joke!) before he qualifies to say the immortal words "I am the Doctor!"

  5. Mrs G,

    I would be deeply flattered if you should place The Ladies Friendship Award in your side bar Mrs G! I put such thought and artistic integrity into it's design that I would be deeply honoured....

    PB's net is very wide Mrs G! But is that not perfectly understandable for one so God-like!

  6. Oh a quilt Usha; how delightful! You will be able to sleep with Pierce every night! How my heart bleeds as poor Mrs T's sewing skills are on a par with her cooking skills...

    Alas, I have had a problem angling my pert little bottom on the printer Usha!(it's a very small printer as you can imagine.) But fear not, when you least expect it a butt will arrive!

  7. thanks for the kind words Mrs. T! The award is lovely. The love and care that went into the making of it has me breaking out in goose bumps!

  8. Believe me it took ages to do this work of art Sue! It was even necessary for me to do several etchings first.... Ahhhh, it's a tough life I lead.....

  9. Mrs T - I beg to differ with you regarding Matt Smith. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.
    I think you may have forgotten that I like the younger models!

  10. Indeed Mrs M I will be pleasantly surprised if Master Smith has grown out of his Junior Pampers by the time fiming starts.

    Now there's younger models and then there's mere babies Mrs M! Do you want to be arrested for public indecency? Come now Mrs M think of your reputation! I fear Mr M would be provoked into writing to one of those Dear Marjorie columns...

    Dear Marjorie,

    Please help me! I am in love with my caravan and my wife is in love with a Pampers wearing Time Lord...

    Oh Lord!

    Ps, I am awaiting a full review of Mrs A's trip to see the lovely David in Hamlet last night. She was planning just to throw her G strings on stage at the curtain call. However, I suggest she wore her granny knickers so that she could parachute down from the balcony....


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