Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Monday

Driving to school this morning, I was listening to the local radio who informed me that today is Blue Monday. Apparently this is the day in the year when the people are most likely to feel depressed. Thanks Gaz, I really needed to know that! Yep, with the current state of the economy and people all over the world feeling the effects of the depression, struggling to pay bills and being made redundant, do we need to consciously think about being depressed? No, thank you!

Anyhow, I wondered exactly where this "Blue Monday" had appeared from as I'd never heard of it before. Was it another gimmick like "Grandparent's Day," "Valentines day" and a host of other "Days" to encourage consumers to spend? So when I got home I googled it and found this; a publicity campaign by Sky Travel presumably to encourage people to book holidays.

The academic behind this theory has also calculated the Happiest Day of the Year for Walls Ice Cream. Yeah right, I believe you Mr Cliff Arnall.... conveniently the happiest day of the year falls in June just when people might want a nice cold ice cream on a hot sunny day. Wow - I never would have guessed that! Hmm...shall we have it June or July? Let's toss the coin! June it is!

Yes, surprisingly the Happiest Day of the Year it is not any of the following; Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Independence day, the day you break up for your annual vacation, the day your mother in law goes back home after a 3 week "holiday" at your house or even tomorrow when Barack Obama takes office and we wave goodbye to Bonkers Bush after 8 years of hell or even the day you get a pay rise, miss treading in the dog shit on the pavement on the way home and win the National lottery in the evening. No, no is none of these. Gez, Mr Arnall next time you sell your soul may I suggest you write a thesis calculating which day is "Blarney Day." Cos I feel it might turn out to be YOUR BIRTHDAY.

(Or possibly my birthday....)

Can you tell I'm annoyed folks? Anyway, so to cheer myself up and not drive my car into an oncoming truck, stick my head in the oven, my fingers in plug socket or try on my size 10 jeans (which would produce instant thoughts of foraging in the medicine cabinet) I decided I would think about Blue. No, not the blue in the face when you've stuck your head under the bath water for 10 minutes but BLUE, the pop group.

Well that cheered me up instantly! Four good looking fellas, swaying their hips and singing (in tune) is enough to make any depressed middle aged housewife feel..... um....pretty good. (Obviously that's the clean version of my thoughts. I have some other interesting thoughts which you can catch on my new blog Hot Horny Housewives )

Well here's Blue with Fly By II,

Yep, they can Fly By me anytime. And if Simon Webbe flies by I'll have No Worries. But hey ...Wouldn't it be great if we really did have No Worries?

In the meantime I'm going to listen to some good music....


  1. You might be on one Mrs T, but you never fail to cheer me up. Loved that rant. We should have a blogger's day, with a subject chosen by vote, funniest get's an award! You'd be favourite on the side book I'd be keeping.

  2. Wow, I love that idea! Off the cuff writing and a challenge always inspires me. We could do a linky thing like on my Music Monday posts. I bet Master Sy would be up for the challenge. So that would three of us... hmm possibly Mr Speedy cos he's nuts too and maybe even Mr Intrepid...and some nutters over at Sy's site.

    Hmm...Mrs T is gonna think on that and consult with Master Sy. sure know how to make a gal feel good! I bet Mrs D gets good prezzies. (I'm just talking about Chanel of course.)

  3. This is the first I've heard of Blue Monday. Considering that despite the winter season, it's 65 degrees and gorgeous out, I'm declaring Texas exempt.

    Although the Blue in your vids is absolutely OK with me any day!

  4. Is there an award for coming last every week? Because you know...I gotta get something out of this if I decide to do it!

    And can we have a word length limit of say...erm...6 letters? Coz you guys all write stuff I dont underst...know.

  5. It's a Hallmark conspiracy, Mrs T, although I think Playboy, Ralph, Hot & Lusty, etc, instigated Blue Monday years ago. What worries me most here is your predilection to seek solace in Boy Bands. Although, I must confess you put up a fair range of music in the last couple of days. Certainly enough to break 'official' Blues day. I'm with you, Mrs T, what a load of garbage.

    PS. Do you have a leopard-skin pill-box hat in your collection? Always wanted to see one.

  6. Hi Laura!

    Yeah it's all a big marketing scam founded in some very dubious sponsored research with the aim of getting us Brits to rush into the travel agencies and book holidays.

    Texas! Wow! And 65 degrees - lovely. It's pretty cold over here at the moment so I've resorted to my thermals - not, of course, when I'm listening to Blue!

  7. Oh stop it Master Sy! I know you know heaps more than you pretend not to know....anyway I'll send you My First Words Dictionary that should help.


    A Hallmark conspiracy - I like it! Damn those silly slushy cards with cutey difigured children with enormous heads and tiny legs and feet......

    Well... I like all sorts of music. I'm not a musical snob for any genre - if I like it I'll listen! And hey what gal my age wouldn't want to look at some nice young men? I maybe in my forties but in my mind I'm still 16! Can't you tell?!

    Damn it PB; have you been peeping in my wardrobe?? Something coming up for you later!!

  8. Interesting.

    Usually I've only heard term "Blue Monday" used in conjunction with a radio program called "Blue Mondays", which played tru R & B music.

  9. Hi Georgie,

    Well I prefer the R&B connotation -that's for sure!

  10. So you are telling me that you have a "My First Words" dictionary...and you have NEVER lent it to me? Oh Mrs T...

    And I am pretty sure my english teacher would disagree about me knowing long words.

  11. She does, recently it was SJP perfume, though!


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