Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music Monday; Hats off to Jay Kay

I love hats! Ever since I was a teenager I've had an affection for hats. Although scientists have recently dispelled the myth that you can lose up to 80% of your body heat through your head if I can find an excuse to wear one I will! I have quite a lot of hats including a number of fur hats made by my grandmother who was a furrier back in the 1930s. As it happens we bore a lot of physical resemblances including the same size head which means I get the pleasure of keeping the memories alive every time I wear one. But the last three years this has been my favourite winter hat. I bought it on a shopping expedition with my mother. I saw it on display and fell in love with immediately. It cost more than I would usually pay for a hat of this nature but it was by Liz Claiborne, the leather is so soft and supple, it has a silky beige lining and it's absolutely fab! I guess you could call it my Huggy Bear hat!

Sports hats aside, not many men can carry off wearing a hat without having their sexuality or style called into question but one who can is the very talented Jay Kay of Jamiroquai. Jay's got real panache and so has his music. Yep, listening to Jamiroquai is better than wearing my hat!

But today folks I wanna see Jay naked! Perhaps the test of a really talented artist is whether they can perform well without all the gimmicks and the big backing bands. So let's see if Jay can do it without his hat and with very little else..... Here he is with Love Foolosophy...

Yep, he can do it; Jay's got the "it" factor without or without the hats! But hey, let's hear what he does best again in the groove with Love Foolosophy live at Abbey Road.

Mmm...Just great!

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Ps, Linkys wouldn't work for me last week but if you're interested in Motown you can catch my post here.


  1. I once wore a hat.

    You know, I just cant remember where I was going with that.

    Aaaanyway. Jay Kay also wears shoes. So do I. And Jay Kay has a car. So do I.

    And Jay Kay has the voice of an angel. And I like Angel delight (butterscotch).

    Yup, me and him. The only way we could be any less like twins would be to look different.

  2. OMG I love love love love Jay! He's just such a cool cat and his voice is just Ah! I loves!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Mrs. T,

    Hats off to Jay Kay indeed!! He's super talented and love love love his songs!! :) Great choice! And yeah, only Jay Kay can pull off those snazzy hats.. coolness!

  4. I weaR my bLoGgInG hat every night after 7:00 PM. It has a feather and a cool band abouve the rim.

    I call it my blogging hat.

    Jam ear o quay is love torn?? hmmm, maybe his woman done him wrong I guess. Poor lil fella got torn up.

    blogging hat ..... blogging hat ....... blogging hatblogging hatblogging hat blogging hat

  5. I Love Jamiroquai! And I happen to think that this song is so great! I love it! Jamiroquai is definitely the cooliest! :D

  6. Great selection! A must have in your collection :)

  7. Oh Sy, you do talk some ****!

    Who cares if you don't look or sound like Jay Kay in my book you're just as talented but in a different kind of way! A choccy eating, joke telling, bull shit talking best pal kind of way!

    Rozella, OOoo I love that description "A cool cat." It's spot on!


    Yep, it's a great song. You know I can't decide which version I like better but you know I think I'm veering towards the acoustic. JKays a tad sexy don't you think?!

  8. Speedy,

    You've been taking lessons from JKay then? Women like a man who can wear a hat well...which must why your blog is so popular with all the ladies!!

    Yeah, I got a blogging hat too, it's not got any chicken feathers in it but it does have some nice sweet wrappers.


    I like they way Jamiroquai merge a lot of styles together to get that great foot tapping sound...great songs to cheer you up!


    Too right! You can't have enough Jay Kay!


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