Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catching up....

Yesterday while I was trawling back through my blog for some of my favourite posts (see sidebar) I noticed that I hadn’t done the final instalment on my quest for The Blarney Stone. So I feel I must just quickly bring the story of my summer vacation to Ireland to an end.

I didn’t find the Blarney Stone. Damn.

Probably just as well don’t you think? I never wanted to be a politician anyway.

However, I did find something else……

On the return journey, I was on the boat feeling rather joyous knowing that later that same night I would be in my own bed. I’m rather particular about beds. I like them very soft not those tortuous “Excellent support for your back” kind of beds that are like sleeping on a layer of reinforced concrete. Anyway, I was fantasizing about my bed and encountering The Milk Tray Man when suddenly I heard a voice calling to me…..

“Mrs T, Mrs T….. Come hither, come hither….”

It was a seductive, mystical voice …. I felt my body being lifted out of my seat and being pulled gently across the boat……

“Mrs T, Mrs T …Come hither, come hither…..”

I threaded my way across the boat, the crowds opening before me like the parting of the Red Sea…I could not fight this strange overwhelming force….

“A little further Mrs T, a little further….”

My limbs became weak, I felt all resistance seep out of me…. A sweet lingering fragrance began to intoxicate me…. My spirit was lost… I was trapped in the power of the magic….

Suddenly a sharp voice broke me out of my trance…

“Will that be a large bottle of No5 or No 19 Madam?”

“I’ll take both….”


Copyright Jane Turley 2009


  1. So you didn't sail the Irish Sea but did the Chanel crossing instead? Oh, the magic of duty free!

  2. What's duty free Paul? I know nothing about it! I deny all knowledge!

    I always associated "duty free" as a Sunday afternoon when I don't have to iron any shirts.

  3. I'm back fresh from reading your story. I've left a comment over there. I liked it, but love your observational writing far better. It's a talent making someone smile and laugh, and you've got it! I think you could make a book out of these here posts one day and it would go down a bomb. Who doesn't want to hear about chocolate and channel? and I'm a geeza:)

  4. Thanks for the words of encouragement Gary. I just wanted to try my hand at something different over at TVFH; I've got some other ideas too; it's just finding the time to squeeze them all in.

    No what's that you were saying about your spelling Gary? Is that channel or Chanel you Geeza you!

  5. Yeah, okay before you point it out I made a spelling error see pride does come before a fall!

  6. hello Jane, Hope you have a great new year

  7. Oh the beauty of Channel 5 T.V. Great programming. :) You guys are funny. I also love the smell of Chanel #5. Truly a classy and stimulating choice. What do you think of the new Juicy Couture? Tantilizing..

  8. Hi Onedia! Great to see you! And a Happy New Year to you too!

    Mr I,

    Now don't tell anyone cos you can only get it at Harrods but my favourite is Climat by Lancome.( Wink, wink..remember that special date I was telling you about?!)

    What's this Juicy Couture stuff? I popped over and saw some stick thin teenagers in VELOUR tracksuits which I have to inform you are considered down market over over here!

    I recommend you get some of that Men's Fragrance Dirty English and splash it all over!!

    (Chuck out the ghastly container though Mr I; tres tasteless!)


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