Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stop Press!


The Value of Damien Hirst's art has fallen by 30%!

At last there will be room in the modern art circles for me to forge a career! In celebration of this long awaited and overdue news I am posting a celebratory piece of my own artwork which I think far exceeds anything Damien has produced. It is called Sunset over pail of shit.

Sunset over pail of shit by J A Turley. Price on application.


  1. I've always thought there was something of "The Emperor's New Clothes" about Damien Hurst. Not that I know anything about art.

    If you get an offer for your picture, I strongly advise you to take the money and run....

  2. I know nothing about art either, Martin:) However, I do actually like some modern art - I just think some of it is very much as you so aptly describe "The Emperor's New Clothes" and it has no appeal to me at all. There's a lot of rumours about DH and art plagiarism too - although if I was one of those artists making those claims I'd probably keep dumb about that now his prices are falling!!


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