Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Hours and Rainy Days

The weather has taken a turn for the worse here in the UK. Early October was hot and balmy but that soon deteriorated into our usual wind and rain. I've been absent from the blogging world as I've been working hard on three courses and putting together a sponsorship application for Jacob to continue his tennis development. Unfortunately, there's only the one sports award. I strongly suspect Jacob doesn't stand a chance in hell - especially if they are looking for a child already working at their full potential with a stack of national trophies. But Jacob is a grass roots player, there is so much more he has to learn. So much potential to improve. Whatever the outcome I'm hugely proud of him anyway.


  1. Good luck with your bid Jane. Of course, you realise who'll be running him half way around the country if you're successful?
    They don't warn you about this when you first turn up at the club, do they?

  2. Ah well I have the answer to that Martin - the boys travel the world together and I just watch from my armchair:))

    It's a nice dream anyway....

    Thanks for the good wishes:)

  3. Good luck and I got my fingers crossed for ya.

  4. Go Jacob! Eye of The Tiger eh? That was one of the first records I bought.

  5. Best of luck to you and Jacob both.

  6. Mike and Sue - Thanks for the support. Fingers crossed but it's a very, very long shot.


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