Thursday, October 13, 2011

Master Ben and his Plastic Machine Gun

Well since I've figured out how to use Windows Movie Maker I thought I'd post an amusing video I found on my camera about 18 months or so ago. It's Master Benedict's first attempt at a documentary which unfortunately involves attempted cat murder and some dubious shots of my carpet. However, it is rather funny. I think Master Ben might have a future in film. Or maybe in an institution.


  1. Wonderful! Master Benedict is obviously talented. Just a shame the budget didn't stretch to a cameraman; having to put the camera down when actually firing at the cat isn't ideal!
    Cream carpets with cats and young children? Someone likes cleaning carpets.....

  2. He's a star Martin:))

    The cream carpet is a legacy from when we had the house for sale a few years back - I'm thinking of changing back to muddy brown very soon!

  3. Kewl beans.

    I have that program on my computer as well.

    Someday I'll figure out how to use it as well.

  4. Actually G it's pretty easy. A bit of fiddly, trial and error but you don't need a manual. Give it a shot - you could get some super videos made up of your daughter doing all her dancing and stuff - and being able to edit all the bad stuff out is just wonderful. I'm hooked!


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