Monday, October 24, 2011


I have just had one of those days where you want to scream, scream, scream.

For a start, it's a Monday so ..


Yep, everywhere I went today, whatever the speed zone, there was always some Sunday driver doing about 20 mph less than the speed limit. It makes me want to tear my hair out. For God's sake, if they feel that nervous about driving why the hell can't they just GET OFF THE ROADS.

Not that I'm cross or anything you know. Just mildly put out.

Then of course there's those drivers who practically come to a standstill to turn a corner. In fact one person was so slow today I thought they were actually going to park in the middle of the road.

What is wrong with these people? Do they know that roads are for driving cars on? Or do they think that everyone else behind them is in a pony and trap and has 6 weeks to cross to the other side of town? I swear to God I aged about 20 years behind all those Sunday drivers today. The veins were throbbing in my temple, my head was about to burst, I was ready to KILL. Why, why, why are these people on the roads? Let's face it Readers - I'm going to be contentious here - but these people probably shouldn't be allowed to reproduce -cos otherwise in about 50 years there won't be anyone left who drives over 15 miles an hour on the motorways.

I want  a Star Trek transporter so I can just beam myself anywhere I want to go - although not before I've beamed myself into the front seat of the car in front and tasered the occupants.

Yep, so anyway after a stressful day watching Master Jacob play tennis I finally got home and needing to sit an IT exam I went to the IT test centre where no pre-booking is required. Now on the forms it quite distinctly says it is open to 8.00pm.

It is not. It is CLOSED. And that Readers is why I am writing this post.

Ever had a day when you feel a bit pissed off  irritated?

For a previous rant on Sunday Drivers read this


  1. Spot on, Mrs T. I was fully intending to have a similar rant on my blog at some point, but am glad you beat me to it as it sets my blood boiling. What I don't get (apart from the fact that so many of these drivers wear hats when they're driving)is how they maintain this lower-than-low speed when there are no opportunities to overtake, but manage to match the speed limit as soon as there's an overtaking lane. Forget the taser, give me a bazooka!

  2. The ones that speed up on the overtaking lane are the daredevil OAPS PB - they like to fly by the seat of their incontinence pants with the wind blowing through their toupees! Unfortunately most of them round here think 50 is the maximum on the inside lane and as I um (cough, cough) like to go a tad faster I am in a constant state of frustration, especially as I still haven't yet managed to get my hands on a Panzer tank.

    I'm not going to be very good at being old am I?!

  3. Just buy a tractor Jane. Anything gets in your way, then just drive over it!

  4. Good idea Martin - although I'm not sure if a tractor has enough weapons on it:)

  5. Whats worse than the Sunday drivers are those in the fast lane that refuse to yield or let you pass :( Some are oblivious while others feel it's their job to slow every one else down cause they think we are going to fast.

  6. Oh that is a very good point Minneapolis - they annoy the hell out of me as well! In fact pretty much everyone on the roads annoys me:) Oh dear I can feel another rant coming on...


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