Friday, September 23, 2011

It could only happen to me

Today I had to deliver a micro-teach. It's part of a course I've been doing to upgrade my qualifications. So I got up early, made sure I had everything prepared whilst feeling slightly excited at the prospect of a new challenge. I showered, put on my make-up and selected my clothes and made myself ready. I decided to veer away from my usual casual attire of jeans or trousers by going for the professional look by slipping on a skirt, petticoat and tights. After a spray of perfume, I checked myself in the mirror and thought I looked (passably) like I knew what I was doing...

Anyway, I delivered my micro-teach at the front of the class and all seem to go reasonably well. I felt a little rushed due to the time constraints and a bit uncomfortable - a fact I put down to my tights which, as all women know, are a woman's worst enemy - after stockings.

So, after a round of applause I made my way back to my seat at which point....

I noticed my petticoat was around my ankles.

I was not destined to live a dignified existence. I think my life should be a film. It would probably make a very good disaster movie...


  1. Aaaargh! But what was it you were micro-teaching? Some new Paris fashion? Was it some Tracey Emin-style work of performance art, perhaps??

    You are soooo right about tights - yeeeuch, hate 'em. I only have to touch a pair and they go into ladders. Before I've even put them on. Tights with holes in - not a good look either.

    The ghastly truth is that, once you get out of the house and get a proper job, you have to wear uncomfortable (but smart) clothes. The upside is that you look like a person of consequence and get treated better in shops etc. Hold that thought, Mrs T!

  2. I hope this isn't going to happen in the workshop you're running for us - perhaps I should put a warning in the brochure

  3. Ahhhh. The famous Freudian Slip. Only effective if it occurs 1) in public and 2) said slip is about 20 years old and dead grotty, you know - grayish from a million washings, tattered lace and stretched out waist elastic. Because why would a pretty, sexy petticoat from Victoria's Secret ever fall about one's ankles?!?!

    Sigh. I list these things under Ways God Keeps Me Humble.

    On the other hand, wearing a slip demonstrates how well brought up you were. :)

    By the way, what was the subject you were lecturing on?

  4. Now, now, Mrs B had I been performing in a Tracey Emin style I would have gone dressed in my PJs. Tights or petticoats (even if down by my ankles) would be far too mundane. Probably I would also have splashed my PJs with some cow's intestines and a sprinkling of brain juice as well:))

    I wonder in Tracey Emin wears tights with holes in??? Sounds just up her street:) if I find a job that doesn't require me to look smart. Working from home would be ideal! In fact, if someone could take pity on me and pay me to stay at home and not inflict myself on the world that would be the perfect solution!

  5. Mike - I think I shall wear trousers - I will check the seams though first:))

  6. Of course Marie, naturally all my petticoats are sexy little numbers! This one just had a design fault. (The wearer in this case.)

    Well I was lecturing on the subject of tennis rackets; how to chose the correct racket; weight, length, grip, strings etc. They didn't want us to lecture on our special subject (which in my case is housewifery as you know) so I chose tennis - seeing as I spend most of my time on the edge of a court. I was going to lecture on the subject of men's tennis shorts but I thought that was probably pushing my luck too far...

  7. aaah.. now this is a story you will be telling all your life. If it was all so simple it wouldn't e so much fun!

  8. Hi Nisha and welcome to my blog:)

    Yep - you are so right! I tend to see the funny side of these things so I don't let things get me down when things go wrong - and I definitely intend to dine out on this story for years! My husband's horror story about his vasectomy has lasted about 8 years so far though. I want to beat his record:))

  9. oh no! So what were your audience doing, looking down, down, down or strictly on your face? If they were fixed on your face it was cos 1) you were absolutely gripping, 2)they were all terribly polite, 3)no one wanted to look at the petticoat, in case it jumped up & grabbed them.
    Btw, Mrs. T, just read over at someone else's blog, about how she went for an important presentation or dressed to the nines, & after said presentation, found her blouse was inside out!

  10. Tee hee! We shall have to set up 'Charladies-u-like'. What's not to like? We can wear old, comfy stuff and sit around drinking tea all day. If anyone wants references, they only have to come round to my house and see all the sparkling surfaces. Not.

  11. Hi Sue - apologies for delay in replying have been busy finishing off this course which I have now passed. Hurrah! I'm sure the petticoat incident was a clincher:))

    Ahhh the inside out blouse faux pas! A favourite! It reminds me of an incident which happened to me only a couple of weeks ago - I was sitting across from a gentlemen at the tennis club whose cardigan was inside out so I could see the seams so I thought I do the honourable thing and tell him - to which he replied;

    "It isn't inside out. It's meant to be like this."

    It was what is called these days
    " a fashionable cardigan" !!!

    Oh dear - Turley strikes again! (Not sure men's cardigans have ever been fashionable anyway:))

  12. Apologies for delay Mrs B... but I am liking the sound of Charladies-U-like. Perfect!! We could advise on how to brew a nice cuppa tea...

    You know, I think I am almost unemployable:)) Maybe we should conduct a survey on it!

  13. You and me both, my dear! We must work out how to complete this sentence: 'People always need ...'

  14. Widh I had been there! Only you Mrs T :)

  15. Look on the bright side - it could have been your knickers?

    Anna May x

  16. Ah. Bummer. :o(

    At least they were all scrupulously polite about it?



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